Offroad game

I am big fan of this type of games. I have played some trought time. And i was wondering would it be hard to build up very simple version of this. Basicly you have your truck and terrain with a goal. Truck would have simple suspension. Would it require much? Or is there one allready out there? (did forum search but could not find one)

This one member was working on one but I can’t think of his handle right now. He posted a demo.

I think i saw one that was something like it, but looked more like “asphalt circuit” game.

It was Stella. Don’t know if the link still works.

Damn that was neat looking start for what i was kinda looking for. Tho i dont like the “course” idea… But more into Real nature offroading.

has been cursing 3D car gamers whole day
I mean what is it with fast cars and flat surfaced boring asphalt circuits. Obstacles i say. If anyone is planing to do offroading game count me in. I will help anyway i can. :S I think world desperadly needs one good offroad game.

i might be intrested in making a offroad game. whats your skills? i can mostly model. im not really good with any thing else.

Well i cant really do any of the logic stuff. Only modelling afaik. :S Would need someone who can do the logic.

Hey bro here’s an example. Give 'er a shot. I did it in like 5 minutes and it’s kind of similar to that Funky Truck stuff on teagames.

Thats an image of my quickie test of track. Not too offroad tho. But just to learn UV mapping for racetracks (the one tut).

QNev i tryed your … engine. It has the idea, but needs tire dynamics.

Damn if i had money i would make it a “bounty” for someone to do such thing. Either as hard coded in OGL and ODE… or with Blender.

I wonder could i pull up such force.

Hi again. I had some spare time so i thought about things that Offroad game i would like to play should have ->

Nonlinear grip on surfaces.
Open terrains with multiple objectives (Listed below)
Muddy ground where you actually might get stuck
Real physics for the car
Obstacles varying from natural to manmade
Few cars to select and trought missions to improve them further

Mission objectives on game could be as follows:

Player must transport something from point A to B without dropping the cargo.

Obstacle point:
An extra bonus awarded by reaching difficult are on map and collecting this point. Ofcourse the player
must meet certain rules to gain the point (for example, No-damage, timelimits, point of day)

Player must find fastest way trought area and stay somewhat undamaged.

Rock crawling:
Player must either ascent or descend trought rocky path staying pretty undamaged and without flips.

Player must folow checkpoints trought area and survive to the end without tipping over or getting too
damaged (extra difficult checkpoints) No timelimit.

Player is set in middle of area with damaged car. The damage is however not regular, it is set to
effect some part of the car. For example, no brakes, one tire without springs or something like that.
Player must rescue himself to extraction point.

Special features of the game:

Nonlinear traction over terrain:
On most games traction continues as constant. However after lot of observing from real life (dunno the
cause) but it seems that tires loos traction over the surface under them randomly (in view of gaming).
This feature adds the excitment factor of the game while doing difficult slow obstacle tracks.

Specialist & Obstacle point missions:
Have you ever seen such troublesome yet could-be-fun missions. Obstacle point is even more fun because
depending on the point player has reached with a car. He/She gets addon/improvement to the car.
Ofcourse if the Obstacle point was easily optained with current car the bonus might not be rewarded at
all or it would be conciderable smaller.

Circuiting kill:
Kills the feeling of very old type of circuit driving. Game also is supposed to kill speed of the game
for most of the parts and try to get out of the skills of polygon obstacle based offroading .

Cars themselfes:
Basicly use default type of “Jeeps” and trucks (for transportation mission “bed” is required).
Ofcourse these trucks wont resemble any real truck much. After advancing somewhat on the game, the
cars become more and more powerful and terrain capable by loosing their relation to the onroad
versions. Also there could be one more intresting part of car control entered here. DWD aka Defined
Wheel Drive. where player could use special control to direct more power or brake for one tire or set
of tires. This allows the players do absolutely insane stunts while offroading and gives a lot of new
possibility for track planing concidering very difficult parts of the track. The same could also go
with brakes obviously.

Tracks would be mostly based on foresty / rainforest type of areas with lots of treetrunks and
stone-edged cliffs. Shalow creeks and muddy ponds in swampy area. Most of the areas would have some larger hill on somewhere for the hillclimber/descender things. Edges of the area would be
marked with simple red stripe or be genious shape of the area, that restricts the view out of map, and
closes the area with impassable obastacle. Just to keep the feeling of real in it.

Bit long but there is pretty much all. What do you think. Anything could be done better? Or some ideas of your own? Ofcourse the game would not exclude circuits, but they wouldnt be so common or in great part of the game. Only just there for fill. Oh and it would be nice that if you make game with these kind of features… specially if you got the ideas from here. It would be nice to make it as Creative commons or such.

Good luck :wink:

It will take lots of work so look around on the forums for suspension tutorials and how to make some kind of vehicle with dynamics.

im making a off road rc sim. if any one is intrested in helping let me know.

nitrofreak06 What style of offroading are you after? Anything from my list included? :smiley:

I would love to contribute to your game, but i dont know what i could do. Check out my webpages for referenses.

Oh and… links to those tuts would be nice if you know any.

I couldnt find any.

well as of right now it will be a offroad race track, if u want a screen shot of what im talking about check out my site.

Looks promising start. Do the cars have suspensions and stuff? I suppose you are going to improve those models of yours when the gamelogic is done. Coz at the moment they look a bit. Simple. :smiley:

good luck. Try making some sketches, and collecting some textures before you start modeling.

well yes my models does look pretty simple, but the more polys the more slower the game will be so i kept is simple lol, and know i dont got suspinsion, its just going to have gas, breaks,and turning lol.