Offroad truck game template

This is a minimal truck, terrain and camera set-up for blender 2.45.


  • Bullet physics, skidding, roll-over with almost no python code.
  • Arrow keys for forward, reverse, turn Left, turn Right
  • Script replacement for buggy inverted near sensor on camera.
  • Textures: GMC grille, doors and panels, 07 Silverado chrome wheels
  • Reflective glass windows.

I welcome any improvements. Current todo:

  • Tire tracks
  • Smoke
  • Stop motion of vehicle so it doesn’t flip over and over when you wreck.
  • HUD Dash Panel Display
  • Gear shift
  • Audio
  • Score keeper
  • Strategy

Video Preview:


Contact me for permission to use in commercial projects. Enjoy!

References used:

What I really don’t like is that the friction between the car’s wheel and the track is to high. When I play a car game I usually really like to slide on the course.

Really? It seemed a little bit too slippery for me, like being on ice. Well, it’s easy to change. Simply select the truck body and press “F4”. In the buttons window there should be some physics sliders, such as “Damp” and “Rot Damp” as well as a mass setting which you can adjust to achieve the friction you want.

If you are serious about making a game, there are other optimizations that may help, such as replacing the built-in blender shading with bitmaps and using python threads.

Broken link

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at


strange, for me the link works perfectly.

My server was down. Apache/linux was complaining about an error in the config file. Odd because I fixed that same error before. It’s as if it did a rollback or something.

Anyway, this was my first attempt at making a playable vehicle using simple bullet physics so it’s not very good. but I’d welcome any improvements :slight_smile: I do like the way the wheels steer right and left while still moving forward. This was done by parenting the wheels to a plane but I had to disable collision for it. In the future I will use null objects.

Error 404 on that link. Can someone who has this file put it on a more reliable and trustworthy site? I’d like to see this.