Offset a bezier, is it possible?

I have a bezier like a “P” letter, but is open. In editmode, after i duplicate the curve, try to scale it to offset the bezier the same amount (ex: 0.5).

I simply could not get the same distance from all points (like the Width in object mode). Have tried all the pivots with no solution.

Can you help me with this?

Thank you very much!!!

If you select the 3D cursor as the pivot it’ll flip relative to the cursor; the further left the cursor the further left the flip.


If i understood your post (sorry, my english not to good) and use the 3d cursor as the center, i could only get an aproximate equality of the offset, ajusted only by the eye, not a correct one. Am i correct?

Yes, that’s correct, but for that you can flip it without the cursor and set the offset exactly with the Transform Tab (N in object mode).


Sorry, i’m not understanding. :expressionless:

The “flip” word means mirror?

I’ve made some beziers from text and the inner curve as less vertices than the outer.
I wish to make a letter with the wireframes but can not put the outer curve with the same vertices as the other one (p.s. do you know any Decimate like tool for beziers?)

In the inside curve i have the same amount of faces in the inner and outer parts of curve, but before convert to mesh, i have the same bezier vertices. In the outer curve, i can not. (Sorry if the idea is clumbsy)

Aha! Now I understand. Shift-D to duplicate the original curve. On the original make the “Width” > 1.000 and on the duplicate < 1.000. This will have the same amount of vertices.
To increase/decrease the amount of vertices before converting to mesh (if you still wish to) use “DefResolU - Set”.


You should be compiling all these tips … what a great source of information you are. I suppose I could compile them all, couldn’t I? Just grab a question and your answer. Seriously, you’ve helped alot of folks here.

Thank you very much. It’s a very tricky solution!!! :smiley:


That was a very good solution if i could put negative values in EXT1 and 2.
Aldo i can put the correct position, the border is inverted.

Thank you the same!!!

p.s. Any old Blender version that alows negative values?

(Edited again)
You really have the solution!!!
Just swithed the direction and the border switched to!!!

Thank you again!!!