Offset Edges

No message in the console?

Have you tried to launch blender in command line? This way, when it crashes, you’ll be able to see the error message. To launch blender in command line, you can create a .txt file with these lines:

@echo on
cd \
chcp 65001
cd G:\Blender_Installation_Folder\

Change paths accordingly to your installation. When it’s done, rename the file to .bat.
Double click on it.

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No, message. Blender closes instantly when i click Offset Extrude.
Tried running from command line got only this:

c:\Program Files\Blender 2.81>blender.exe
Read prefs: C:\Users\zelfit\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.81\config\userpref.blend
found bundled python: c:\Program Files\Blender 2.81\2.81\python
WARN (bpy.rna): c:\b\win64_cmake_vs2017\win64_cmake_vs2017\blender.git\source\blender\python\intern\bpy_rna.c:1476 pyrna_enum_to_py: current value '0' matches no enum in 'BlenderCloudProjectGroup', '', 'project'
Address : 0x00007FF68E0343BA
Module  : c:\Program Files\Blender 2.81\blender.exe

Is this still not resolved? I find this addon to be extremely handy more often than I thought it would be… a shame it isn’t working properly :cry:

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It’s already included with an addon bundled with Blender 2.8x, it’s named “Edit Mesh Tools” if I’m right.


Oh, that’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know! :laughing:

Just fyi: I didn’t try the mentioned addon with 2.82 alpha, at least it works fine with 2.81.

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I’m using 2.82, it works just fine :slight_smile: already tested.

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Offset Extrude crashes for me in 2.82.

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You can only ever expect any addon to work with the latest stable release. Experimental builds are changed every day. You update the addon one day just to find it broken the other, so I don’t bother with them.

Just wanted to point that out in case that was a simple fix. That’s all.

Edit Mesh Tools addon already has offset function, no crashes for me


thanks! I was just looking for offset edges. Its a classic.

good find!

but better would be include this offset right into the blender modeling tool box
and not have another add-on and another menu


yes the optimal solution to many of the mesh edit tools addon would be to have them built in.


This add on is however also nice and compact

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why not just bevel an edge loop with 2 segments?

I’m also crashing when trying offset extrude in 2.82 “stable” versions. 2.82.6 and 2.82.7

Also the version of the tool in “Edit Mesh Tools” isn’t interactive like the standalone Hidesato script and personally I much prefer that behavior.
Not sure if there is a simple way to modify the script in “Edit Mesh Tools” to be interactive but would ideally have the interactive checkbox for that version or the Hidesato one to not crash.

Even more ideally respecting at least increment snap settings.

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As for now cause there is no ‘native’ interactive offsetedges and i’m not experienced enough to fix it I’ve made modal wrapper from mesh edit tools , its using undo»redo»offset_edges (so i guess its slower on heavy meshes i havent tested i)



error when I activate the function - offset edges

how did You get that error?
Have you executed this script with mouse outside of 3dview?