Offset Edges

And I thought C4D was the worst at modeling, when it can do this :open_mouth:

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Is there a workaround. Can you fill the hole and use edgefow?

Has anyone used an addon called loopanar. I downloaded from the top loopanar link. It is based on a 2.79 addon zalpook or something like it, but is for 2.8. Thanks Edit loopanar wiki


Cool! Is there any addon that will let you straighten an edge selection into a line, but keep the curvature underneath as best as possible? So, like slide the verts along the edges actually, to form a straight line, but not a TRUE straight line between the end points?

I am not a topology expert so I don’t know. What does edge flow do? I have not used either of the two addons I mentioned. I am going to model this chair by andrew price. It will teach me something about topology. You can download the chair below the video under more.


what addon do you use on second picture to show ngons polygons and triangles count?
P.S. sorry for the offtop.

Is there any option after it is offset it can be fill with the faces also.

No problem. It’s called Poly Source addon. What’s cool about it is that it’s always there visible (even in object mode) and updates frequently to show.

There’s another called MeshLint, but it shows on the Object Data tab (the same tab as Vertex Color/Groups/ Uv maps etc) and you have to update manually. but it has more options:

No, you have to create the inner face manually (or use the Extrude Offset instead)

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@gorion103 apparently this addon has troubles extruding or simply offsetting circular surfaces using the angle options (notice the Angle 15Bº option selected in Depth Mode)


This doesn’t happen with squared corners:

Unfortunately I don’t have the required knowledge to fix it. Maybe you have… If not no worries.

After offset we have to select the old and new loop and bridge. so if it would work automatically will be easy.

Not if you use Offset Extrude, which creates the bridge between the loops automatically. I’m even showing this in the images above. One of them I used offset extrude (which bridged the loops) and the other only offset (which only created the isolated loop)

Does anyone have the official link for 2.83? Im a bit confused as to which is the version that works with latest blender build.

I wish this addon would just be integrated properly into blender, how on earth do we still not have an offset function in 2020? it’s so necessary for even basic modelling

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and I’m aware that it is actually included in Mesh Tools, but that one is broken

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This is the latest. I believe works with 2.83

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I can’t use with 2.83, please help!!
thanks a lot!

It’s working here. Send more details about which version and what are the steps you took to get to the error.

Hi There ! love the interactive function of this addon. However I am getting a bug whenever I use it on any mesh with a mirror modifier.
error message image
Works fine otherwise. Seems like the mirror checkbox turns on automatically when there is a mirror modifier, but I think this is causing issues. If I manage to toggle off the mirror checkbox on offset edges it will work with a mirror modifier.
Be great if there can be a fix for this? Thanks!

here it is: (42.3 KB)

they have changed property use_x to use_axis[0] in mirror modifier in 2.83(or 2?)


Is it possible to update to 2.90. it crashes as soon as I click on the operator