Offset Edges


(MmAaXx) #21

coool script thanks!

(Kidus) #22

I tested it in Blender 2.66 and 2.67b windows 64-bit and it works. A warning popped up as I enabled it but it worked fine. Warning was: “This script was written Blender version 2.68.0 and might not function (correctly), though it is enabled.” Thanks!!!

(iceking) #23

connected just to say thanks!, :), hope you update this often, another great arsenal just added to my retopo tools.

(Bon Baba) #24

Thank you all.
I’m updating this addon when I have a spare time so please check the github link sometimes.

(English is not my native language) #25

Thank you very much!. This addon is excellent and should be in Blender by default.

(Jakasan) #26

On my Blender 2.68a isn’t work :frowning: (can’t install correctly)

(Bon Baba) #27

Did you go to the github link?
If you did, please open the script in blender text editor, run the script, and tell me if there are any error messages in the console.
If you didn’t, go to the link and download the script from ‘Raw’ button which reside upper right in the script section.

(Bon Baba) #28

Version 0.1.6: added mirror modifier support

(harleynut97) #29

This script is GREAT! Great news on mirror modifier. Thank you for your efforts on this.

(DenisG101) #30

I would love to try this out, but can’t get it to load in blender. Could someone give a step by step of how to go about this, please.

(Bon Baba) #31

Added zip file in my first post.
Please extract and install it.
I think it should work.

(Bon Baba) #32

Version 0.1.7: When ‘Follow Face’ option is on, offset direction around a hole is flipped automatically.

(Sanctuary) #33

Thank you very much for this very, very usefull addon and your upgrades to it.

(Bon Baba) #34

Version 0.1.8: Improved hole detection algorithm and added ‘Detect Hole’ option.
When ‘Follow Face’ and ‘Detect Hole’ option is on, offset direction around a hole is flipped.

Improved hole detection again and changed version to 0.1.9.
Hole detection algorithm may need to be more refined, though.

Changed version to 0.1.10.
Tiny speedup with mirror modifier and hole detection.

(Bon Baba) #35

Version 0.1.12: bugfix and speedup and some.

  1. Added ‘End Align Edge’ option.
    If enabled, end vertices align with unselected connected edges.
    Each end vertex should have only one unselected visible edge to enable this feature.
    Hide unneeded edges beforehand.

  1. Like version 0.1.7, hole detection is automatically enabled when ‘Follow Face’ option is on.
    ‘Detect Hole’ option is removed because current hole detection is fast and stable enough and intuitive.
    (Tested on text object)

(Bon Baba) #36

Version 0.1.13: Huge speed improvement.
I found many inefficient codes while refactoring.
The more vertex count increases, the more processing time. (perhaps O(n^2) time)
Now I fixed them and the result on text mesh(verts:25674, edges(inner):50403, edges(outer):25674, faces:25044, ‘Follow Face’ option is on) is:
v 0.1.12 … 56.1 seconds
v 0.1.13 … 1.2 seconds (46.75x faster)
This means I was a very bad coder. Sorry.

(Alain) #37

Cool, this is a very useful Addon for architecture modelling !

Meanwhile there are so many useful Addons / Tools for or within Blender that I don’t fear so mutch anymore to model architecture completely in Blender (before I used SketchUp).

Come on Alain, trust you ! :wink:

Kind Regards

(English is not my native language) #38

Really? I use Blender not long ago, but this script is one of the most useful I’ve found.
Thank you very much!

(veti) #39

One of the best modelling addons - this must be put in the trunk!

(jonken) #40

Thank you very much. A wonderful, very useful addon. Thanks for the hardwork.