Offset edges

If you want to use this you’ll need a development daily build…

Or the official Blender 2.76 when that is released.

Sergey Sharybin

Umm… this was coded by Campbell.

I think Campbell did that… he is the mesh guy. Also bit of a quirk in your description : the tool’s behaviour is copied from “loopcut and slide”, not bevel. Thanks for the reminder though ! Another cool thingy in our toolbox, thanks Campbell (if it is indeed you).

I want something like Swift loops

++++ with automatic matching to the shape of the adjacent edge loop
mmm, dreams…

Hmmm… but we do have this. Now, what we don’t have is the ability to add several edge loops without having to call the operator each time - that’s my only complaint.

Look closely at the difference between Swift Loops and Ctr + R in Blender. Swift Loops faster (less manipulation for adding loops, activate Swift Loops and one click = one loop).
And if add the automatic alignment of the added loop to closest adjacent loops, it will be just fantastic tools.