Offset even faces?

Good afternoon to all. I have a problem with offseting even faces inside.
Tried the Modifier, and the offset zero distance with Shrink/Fatten. None of them solve the problem.
Can you help me please?
The offset as to be inside (like shrinking the faces)
Thank you very much!
Offset even.blend (556.4 KB)

What are you trying to do? You need to explain your problem better.

Try using a negative value for the offset if you want the solidifier to go the other way.

it acts like it is supposed to, it follows the normals, as Anthony says you should precise what you’re trying to achieve

Thank you for your answer.
Here is a file that explains the function of the piece. It’s made of 3mm metal sheet and I want to give it thickness. After that I have to calculate the folding system, but that’s another subject.
After the Solidify, if you press CTRL+T (make all tris), if you select one inside face and with SHIFT+G (Select coplanar) you see that some inside faces are not coplanar.
Thank you again.
global.blend (961.6 KB)

There is an Even Thickness option on the Solidify mod. Check that.

Thank you Anthony.
I’ve check all of the modifier options. After triangulate, some faces are not co-planar.

Try using it before triangulation.

I made the triangulation after the modifier.
Make modifier, apply it, and then triangulate to check co.planar, no luck.
In the border faces it’s not a problem, but the big faces have to be co-planar. The result is just an approximation, even with “even”.

I just downloaded global.blend and looked at it. I added a Soldify mod to one of the sides of the bucket and applied it, then added a Triangulation mod with Keep Normals checked, and it seems to be fine.

Is there something I’m not seeing?

Maybe something I’m not seeing!
I’ll check the problematic bucket side (the one with the N-gons) again!!
Thank you for your help.

After some more tests I could get a very good even thickness!
And saw that one of the sides of the bucket is not symmetrical ( and because of that, learn a solution for future problems).
Thank you again Anthony!