Offset location keyframes

Hello all. I have some character animations I would like to retarget to my rig. I have made all needed constraints so my rig follows source armature coresponding bones. So far so good. But imported animations have huge offset from world origin meaning that source armature root bone is animated, so animations are starting from different world positions on all three axes.

I would like to know if there a way in blender automatically offset location curves for certain bone(in my case root) back to world origin. I could do this mannually of course by editing location channels for each action, but it’s very tedious work, cause I have a lot animations to edit. Would be cool to use some python script to do it automatically.

If the offset is consistent, you can select all the key frames, press G, type an axis and a number, and remove the offset in two clicks :slight_smile:

Thank you for reply! To fix each action I will need repeat this process three times - for each axis. And I have hundreds of actions… :confused: