Offset poly

i Have a photo i would like to have only it’s outline , my intention is to get the outline then offset it then extrude it so i can use it as mold , my steps was photo transferred it to SVG , then i changed the lines to curve "Object mode>object > convert to curve ", then "Edit mode>set spline type>poly "
i deleted all the unwanted lines except the outline perimeter , however i am not able to offset that lines , how can i do that ???

I am not a specialist in this part, but to better understand your request …

When I import an SVG file: (Blender 2.82)
- File > Import > Load SVG File.
- The imported object is already a curve.
- In Object mode > Convert To > Mesh from Curve.
- In Edit mode > I select all > Extrude on the Z axis
- a little cleaning > I select my object > Mesh > Clean Up > Limited Dissolve.

I am sure that a real specialist will pass by there … :wink: