Offsetting a curve with intersections, joints, or extrude offset..roads etc

Just wondering, been trying with converting the mesh to curves, but the curves doesn´t seem able to handle joint curves and intersections when trying to do an offset at once for things like fused branches or flat roads.

I could use skin modifier, but that means I get additional geometry which I do now want for roads anyway, and I would have to apply it, make planar faces and just cut out the flat parts needed.

Isn´t there a method to deal with this with curves…or some addon.

To note, in this case I drawed the curves in lightwave, converted to polylines, made sure each vertex joint was welded properly and removed all doubles/ merged points…sent to blender and converted mesh to curves.

Now why I use lightwave in the first place is another matter, I could of course use curves or extend points in blender…but I am not going in to that now for this.

I just need this structure to be offset without having the parts being loose from eachother…and that is what´s happening when trying to extrude the curve.

As mentioned…for curves…I go alt c and convert to curves, and if using skin modifier I use it as it is…and that is good for branches, but for roads I need curves preferably to work properly with offset…I do not which for additional manual editing of each joint to get to this.

Perhaps som addon?

How it should offset…in this case I went through the hops of skin modifier, then deleting geometry and decimate with planar.
For speed effeciancy and avoiding errors, it would be nice if some curve tool, addon could do this automaticly within a simple offset command, I think this is possible with lw cad in lightwave.

Archipack pro 2.x for blender 2.8 / 1.3.8 for blender 2.79 provide “buffer” operator for such things.

Thanks´s Stephen, will look in to that.

I see the curves as being loose and archipack merging it nicely…but what if I had a mesh as I provided with already joined intersections, will it handle that as well?