offsetting bird animation for boids particles

CAn someone please tell me how to offset the animation of an object when used as a particle.
I have a single bird flapping its wings.
Im using it as a particle object in a boids flock.
But all the particles flap wings in syncro. All up and down at the same time.
How do make it so that each particle starts the flapping animation on its own time when it is born? or even just to randomize. I tried the xtras seting with global /local time thinking that was its function… but it doesnt seem to do the job.
Thanks for any help.

I believe the only work around for this right now is to duplicate a few birds with time off sets in their animation, group them, and use the group option for particle visualization … Not the most ideal choice, but there doesn’t seem to be a more direct way to accomplish this …

I tried the group thing
and it does work
but its rather silly
considering how sophisticated the particles are
I guess we wait for a new feature