Offsetting the rotation of an object without changing mesh's physical rotation?

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Example: I have four rotor blades on a helicopter, each has had the rotation, location and scale reset and each individual rotor’s rotation reads as (0,0,0).

How would it be possible to offset the rotation of each rotor blade without changing the physical rotation of the mesh?


(Martynas Žiemys) #2

What are you trying to achieve here? You can rotate the object in negative amount of the rotation you need apply the rotation(ctrl+a) and rotate it back.

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I am importing models into the Unity game engine and am adding Trail Renderers to the edges of those blades (for motion blur fx) and I need to be able to modify the local coordinates for each blade so to have the Y axis facing towards the backside of the rotation.

I ended up doing it as you suggested by setting the origin to selected and rotating the mesh in edit mode, then rotate it back in object mode then reposition the origin.

That works fine when only rotating a on single axis, but due to some rotors being slanted I was hoping I could just offset the rotation without having to worry about playing with origin and rotating twice…

Anyways, I think I’m getting the hang of things.

(Indy_logic) #5

Wait, do you just need to rotate an object but then zero out the rotation? You need all your objects to be rotated to 0,0,0 but actually at different rotations?

If so, just look at the Object menu (3D view) Apply>Rotation. This allows you to “Apply” the rotation (or translate or scale) of an object in object mode to the object in edit mode. Sounds like what you are looking for at least.

(juang3d) #6

What you want to do is to modify the pivot orientation I think, and there is no easy way to do this in blender, I’m currently developing an addon (my first addon) to achieve this in a similar fashion to max’s “affect pivot only”.

It’s nearly ready but being on vacation I have very little time to finish it, I’ll post it ASAP.


(Martynas Žiemys) #7

It’s also possible to add a hook to all of the geometry by selecting all in edit mode and hitting ctrl+h->Hook to new object. After that if you rotate the object the geometry stays in place because of the hook holding it as is, this way its same as if only the ‘pivot rotation’ was affected.

(juang3d) #8

Yes, the problem with that is that you are messing with the geometry, not possible at all times I think

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Parent it to another object and rotate the parent

(juang3d) #10

Not always possible either, sometimes you just need to rotate the pivot, not do any other task, I don’t understand why there is no such option in Blender, is something that has been asked tons of times, that’s why I’m working on the addon, it’s functionality will be extremely simple, but it’s use will be limited due to the fact that I need to use the delta transform, so the starting point if you have to use deltas is not going to be zero.


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But, here, just using delta transform panel should be sufficient.

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We´ve released the addon to change the pivot orientation and location, find it here:!