Offsetting Vertices

I’m trying to offset vertices along irregular shapes, such as the letter S. I select them and do an Extrusion and Scale method but this doesn’t offset the vertices so that they dont’ overlap one another, I was able to get the results I wanted by using the solidify tool and then go from there simply deleting the extra vertices (cleaning up). But I was wondering if there was a way to just offset the vertices a certain distance outwardly. Thanks!

Try using the inset tool!

Yep. I notice that the default inset tool have proportion problem (if you inset a simple plane the offset distance was not similar every where). So I activate it from the addon user interface. it solve the problem.

That might be because your object scale wasn’t 1 (ctrl+a in object mode to apply) or “offset even” wasn’t checked in the properties.

i don’t know. maybe a problem caused by the 2.65a version…