.ogg converter?

I’ve been looking around for these, and I don’t know if I’ve looked well enough through the internet, but I’ll ask here…

I’m looking to convert a video file, like a wmv, or mp4, or .avi to .ogg, the video format. So, video format to video format… but it seems that converting an avi(video) to ogg(video) seems to be rare.

If anybody can directly give me a link to this, it would be awesome thanks…

And yes, I think .ogg is a video extension:

Bye everyone and thanks

maybe super?


Be aware that Theora is an obscure format. It will not play on most mobile platforms without third party software. It will not play in most browsers. You can’t upload an Ogg to Youtube. And it will not play on Windows or Mac OS X without VideoLan or MPlayer.




I highly recommend H.264.

I use ffmpeg2theora.

Browsers that support Theora.

  • Firefox
  • Chrome/Chromium
  • Opera

Browsers that support H.264.

  • Safari
  • Chrome

The majority of the lesser known Gecko and Webkit based browsers also have Theora support.

I am totally aware… BUT I’m not using it for those, I’m using it for the blender game engine thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the all the help guys I’ll check these thinks out! :slight_smile:

Wow, so I guess H.264 is the borderline obscure format. I must have been thinking with last years information.

Good luck on your game project Linkxgl.

At risk of starting a VS thread, which one should we use? Which format do you think is going to win over time?

Use as much ogg as possible to get people exposed to it. Once people are ready for the open formats, then other ones will become more popular. For now, we just need to fight closed source formats with disuse.

Hi I am Using OJOSoft Audio Converter Its coverts avi to ogg
Steps Given below to How to install Avi to ogg

  • Download and install OJOSoft Audio Converter (see Resources) to your computer

  •   							Step 2
      								  										  									  								  								Click on the icon on the program's top tool bar which is labeled as "To OGG." Click on the "Input File Name" at the top-left side of the window and then click on the "Browse" button.
  •   							Step 3
      						  								Scroll through the different audio files on your computer's hard drive. Click on the name of the AVI file that you want to convert to the OGG format and then click on the "Open" button.
  •   							Step 4
      						  								Click on the "Output File Name" button. Find the folder you want to use to [save](http://www.ehow.com/how_5093042_convert-avi-ogg-theora.html#) the converted OGG file. Click on the name of the folder and then select "OK." Click on the "OGG" profile drop-down box.
  •   							Step 5
      								  										  											Selecting the "Custom OGG" Format
      								  									  								  								Choose the "Custom OGG" option from the drop-down menu to save the file into a Theora compatible format. Click on the "Convert" button to convert the AVI file into the OGG Theora file format


Here’s something.

With this, you can easily convert your videos to OggTheora.

Also, it appears Google has put it’s weight behind Theora.

Hi thanks MiraReynaWhite for sharing very valuable post regarding ogg converter and how to convert steps very useful for me
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I realize that this is an older thread, but I am still having problem with converting files. I do not have any of premium programs and I did not intend to buy one. I found this converter Converter365 on one of blogs that I visit. Does anyone have any experience with this mp4 to ogg converter, or any other free online converter.

My choice is AV1 codec/format. It is open, good quality and browsers support it, MS Edge needs a dedicated extention though. It also allows longer videos wile keeping your file size.
Converter to AV1

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I would advise against av1 as av1 takes several times longer to encode than h265 and currently no hardware accelerated encoding is available only make this worse. The hardware decoding is only landing in recent hardware’s so laptops and phones that are couple years older it will take more power to play av1 format.

I don’t really encounter ogg files containing videos, most I have seen only contains audio.

For converting you can use handbrake

Most hardware’s can encode in h264 pretty well. If you have Intel CPUs you can use the quicksync encoding to make it faster, recent Intel CPUs also support h265 hardware encoding, if you are on Nvidia you can use the nvenc which is also pretty fast.

If you have Amd GPU you should just use the pure CPU encoding as amd’s solution are of poor quality


I just use blender for that nowadays…
just open the video editing preset, drag and drop your file in and set the output settings and hit F12…