ogre engine and blender?

i was wondering if there is a plugin for orge3d like there is for crystal space.
if anyone can help please reply

At one point there was an Ogre integration project, but to the best of my knowledge it was never completed, and hasn’t been updated in over a year. Forum search will help you find more information.

it was abandoned since 2.42 i think, there’s another thread with someone who says he wants to revive it, but he to trashed the idea, or so we think…

Yes, Sinsoft had plans to integrate OGRE into BGE but the the plans got canceled.

Someone else might end up working on it eventually.

I’m familiar with OGRE source code, when I started studying Blenders/BGE source code, i saw that there was a lot of overlap between OGRE and BGE. So BGE uses a lot of internal Blender workings (tightly integrated). To get this done with OGRE a lot of conversion has to be done in real time when you press P. So for example Blender mesh content have to converted to OGRE format.

However, it should be noted that BGE is catching up in a lot of ways. Don’t get me wrong, there is an advantage in having OGRE integrated into BGE like for example Direct3D rendering. But it may not be worth the effort in the first place. Or in other words the development effort might as well be spent improving the BGE instead.

sinan’s right, the BGE has improved trenmendously in the past couple versions.
I stuffed over 20,000 faces plus glsl shadows and normal/bump mapping, still runs well over 60 fps with the runtime.
back in 2.46 this was not at all possible.
Personally i’d like to try and get into integrating ogre 3d into blender, but i just don’t have the time to learn the programming knowledge i would need for it.

I want to pick up C++ next year so this interests me.

Now that I look at it. The main benefit is that we would have Direct3D rendering.

I don’t want to get into the Direct3D vs OpenGL debate. But OpenGL right now is catching up to Direct3D, you couldn’t really say that 2 years ago. And its the only choice for multi-platform apps.

OpenGL 3.2 + OpenCL pretty much catches up with Direct3D 11. And the drivers for DirectX 11 with compute shader are just coming out now. The same time drivers for OpenGL 3.2 are coming out.

So I pretty much changed my position on OGRE integration with BGE.

Who ever implements it has to make sure to keep the current OpenGL rendering pipeline untouched. And give a user a choice between BGE Rasterizer and OGRE Rasterizer. And since Blender is done with OpenGL its still a question whether a Direct3D context can even be done when the user presses P to run the game engine.

Integrating OGRE into BGE would cause an overlap in some of the functionality thats already in BGE. Which is why I think its best to just improve the BGE and spend the effort there.

Some of the tricks that are done with OGRE can be done in BGE. Like sending batches of data and render queues to minimize state changes can be done with BGE (if not already?).