Ogre Head W.I.P.

Hello guys, some of you may have seen my drawings of an Ogre here on these forums. (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=188851) Well, I decided that I would model it in Blender, this will be my first “Real” model in Blender. I will be using Blender 2.49, I will also sculpt, texture, rig, and animate the characters head. I am still at the very beginning, so hopefully you guys will like it and post some helpful critiques.

This Part Will Be Updated After Every Time I model the Head!
Modeling Time So Far: 1hr(s) 20 min
Faces So Far NoSubSurf/SubSurf:
Verts So Far:

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P.S. The First Image Below Will Be The First Render In This Thread as Well as the Newest Update.


I would keep the poly count extremely low at this stage. You are just planning on doing the head? Even so it is much easier to get nice polyflow early on with less vertices. I guess you are going poly by poly, which is just fine (I prefer the box method, or lately sculpting, but I have never done a bust, just whole characters).

Really the entire head could be done with 472 faces. It helps everything to stay low poly at first, big changes are easier, unwrapping is easier, the list goes on and on.

Anyway I like your ogre drawing, good luck with the model.

Thanks for the comments and kind words on my drawings! =) The polycount without subsurf is 118 and verts are 174. I am planning on the head being around 700 or less w/out subsurf. But, I am going to use, in the end, Mulitres to help with Sculpting then onwards towards normal maps. Here are some wires Subsurf and Unsubsurfed, just to see what you all think about my edgeflow
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Here’s 'nother update, got some of the nose done. and attached it to the mouth and the eyes. 'Bout 25 min on the nose.


Looks like you need to activate do-clipping on the mirror select all nudge it towards the mirror, release then try nudgeing it away. Back and forth until those verts link up across the center. I can’t tell but you may also need to move your mirror modifier above your subsurf. Wireframe renders with subsurf on are too high-poly for critique IMO.
I would turn it off.

Its better and you’ll be more skilled with topology if you follow more tutorials.

Here you go.


Hey all, decided to redo most of the head that I had modeled, wasn’t really liking the way it was looking, so here it is, tried to keep it simple as 3dmentia had said, I also checked out that tutorial. Thanks
Tell me what you think =)


Here’s another Update ! =) Got some of the face done… got the basic shape of the back of the head… got some more of the nose done (It’s going to give tremendous problems lol)… going to be working more on the mouth and stuff hopefully have enough done to post an update again tonight. tell me what you think. Sorry bout the weird lighting I’ll fix it in my next update renders.


Got tired of the blue background so I am using black =P… umm well… I have some more of the face done, I am feeling pretty good about the edge loops/flow right now, going to fix it up a little tomorrow. Figured a side view wouldn’t hurt. I am going to model the ears first thing tomorrow, then I will Fix some of the edge loops and make the face look a bit more “plump”. Then add accessories (Earring, Nose Ring, Tooth Necklace) After which I will sculpt and start the texturing process. Then I will create a small scene, composite it and hopefully rig the face. If someone could shoot some rigging tutorials my way that would be very helpful, seeing as I am not all that great with rigging in Blender, I don’t even know how to get the bones to actually work correctly in the mesh =P (If you give a tut don’t worry about video or written, either one is fine.)
Thanks in advance for comments and crits.


It looks like you’re trying to be to focused on the details of the face before you have the base down. There are some great tutorials that will help you get the head started and progressing towards what you want faster. This is a great one to show from start to somewhat completion of a head in under an hour. I know you’re not trying to make a dragon but the basic idea of the head is the same. Hope this link helps :slight_smile: