OGRE integration?

I just wanted to ask (snailrose ?) if there is any progress with OGRE integration. Just curious :slight_smile:

he has a page on another site talking about his progress… dunno off hand what the link is…

You can download a snapshot build from the blender.org forums in the game engine section. Not much functionality yet, but it has realtime shadows.


there’s the link…

is that the testing release? i heard it was planed on august…

and this offtopic, but where has crystalblend gone? i cant download it anymore. i downloaded it once and didnt know how to use it… now o thought that i found a way to use it’s super graphics but i cant download it anymore. could anyone please tell me where can i find it???

Snailrose has a status report in the game engine forum of Blender.org a week or so ago, he says there’s almost no functionality, mainly just converting objects to use in the OGRE engine.

Be patient :slight_smile:

Most people have no idea of the amount of work that goes into a project like that. I’m very impressed by what he’s gotten done so far. Take a look at the game engine source code, it’s complicated stuff!

hmm… i tested it and yes it has a little func. and the physics dont work, since if the floor hasn’t got bounds then a physics object falls right through it. and if i select the bouns it doesnt work perfectly, since it may still fall through ground.

Now, does anyone know is this the testing release?

It’s still in early stages, the bugs will be fixed and more functionality will be added as time goes on.

Stage 2 will convert animation to OGRE animation, then i’m guessing you’ll be able to use things like IPO’s.

do ye know when the stage 2 will come? tomorrow? in the next few days? in the next few days? next year? ten years?

It probably won’t be in a few days, what time would you expect a big project like this to take?

i know it’s gonna take months, maybe a year and more but i just wanted to know does anybody have a clue on this. and again i ask, is this the testing release??w+

The testing release that was planned for august was going to be much more complete, but as these things go, that really was asking too much. This is one of likely many testing releases to come :slight_smile: For simple games, it actually works quite well already, so it’s pretty exciting to see - especially with shadows, mmm! You can do physics and logic bricks, so there is a lot you can do with it. Framerate doesn’t seem much better than before, but a big part of that is because of the shadows.

well, the physics suck in this version. if the floor isnt made from little cubes the physics object falls through it. and constraints don’t work. but we shouldn’t except much from a snapshot :slight_smile:

odd… i can run the engine, but i get no shadows. :S

geforce 7800 gt i know my card supports the latest opengl

oh well

If he comes out with a release that does vertex colors and python then i’ll be able to see how my marble game works on it. I’m using the Ozone forces script, a UV scroll script, and a gravity direction change script. It also relies heavily on vertex colors and UV assigned textures.

Hey All,
Yeah I’m not as far along with implementing OGRE as I would have hoped by this time!
I ran into a few problems getting Linux installed on my system. which then took at least a month
to find a good distribution that would run well on a 64bit system. I finally went with Gentoo and haven’t looked back.

It will be a bit. I don’t want to set an absolute date, but know its being worked on and more of these tests will be
posted as this progresses. My original goal was to have Ketsji features all in working order by this time. Which was my definition of a testing build.


thanx for replies, don’t take it as impatience, also I wanted to know this because of the blendersprint, where hopefully some code will be added to the engine, so what everything could be proposed to be changed, and what parts of code will be reworked so much that it has no sense to change things there now.

äm i must say,that the shadow example need much power! (17 fps on a Mobility radeon 9700 se with 128mb and a 1,7 ghz intel centrino.
But the examples are qutie cool and very very nice!
Ps : i`m not so good in english :frowning:

I was waiting for the OGRE testing build, i’m guessing another month of waiting then and possible it won’t be in the next official release?

BTW: when should python, vertex colors, IPO’s, dynamic only objects, properties, and UV assigned textures supposed to come in?

I guess the wait is worth it if it means faster development and better performance.