Just recently I have convinced my reasonably code effecient brother to help me in developing a idea that I have been mulling over for some time. This is great because I only have very basic python skills. He’s been going over python and reckons it’s not that bad - he’s some C+ coder.

But we have run into some questions as we tried to organise and plan out our concepts and ideas. See, he’s not too keen on breaking his balls on the C code of Ogre so:

  1. Should we use the OGRE+python system or would the later implimentation of sound, physics etc. be too much work?

  2. Should we rather build the python code, create the sceneries in the BGE and then transfer everything to the Gamekit (with Ogre) - when and if it is ever finished (say in 2 years time).

  3. Should we rather stick to the BGE as a whole and hope/pray for future implimentations?

  4. Just scractch Ogre and BGE and rather try something else like Panda3D - no realtime shadows so I have heard. We are not likely to forge out a lot of cash (like $1000) for something like Unity or Shiva. Maybe some other suggestions?

The game has some rather large areas that needs to be loaded but NOTHING like Two Worlds or other adventures. We will be using a kind of terrain limiting factor that would prevent the player from trying to travel too far. We were thinking about loading sections of regions but that depends on what engine this is actually feasible.

There is a homebase that would be a kind of working environment with plants, oxygen etc. all function in relation to one another. The utilisiation of this base is fundamental to achieving certain objectives.

It is a FPS type of game and we would like to sell it.

Thank you

You could have a look at Python-Ogre:


If you do decide to go with the BGE, I’d recommend using the latest development builds as these have Dynamic Loading, which will be essential to streaming tiles.

+1 for Python-Ogre.

As for the BGE - for anything simple (few objects, events and overall interactions) it’s a fine engine, but I wouldn’t start a big project with a development build.

Well, it seems to me Python-Ogre is our best bet:

  • OGRE 1.6.0RC1
  • OIS 1.2
  • CEGUI 0.6.1
  • QuickGUI 0.9.7
  • ODE 0.10.1
  • OgreOde 1.0
  • OgreAL 0.3
  • betagui 1.7
  • OgreNewt 1.0
    - Opcode 1.3
  • PhysX 2.8.1
  • NxOgre 1.0-21
  • bullet 2.70
  • OgreBullet 1.0
  • theora 0.5.0
  • plib 1.8.4
  • ogreforests 0.1
  • et 2.2
  • caelum 0.2.1
  • noise 1.0
  • particleuniverse 0.8
  • cadunetree 0.6
  • ogrepcz 1.0
  • hydrax 0.3

It seems to be a all-in-one package with Physics and particles - but sound is missing (not a biggie). Why would anyone want to use Panda3D if you’ve got this monster engine?

Thanks for the push - we needed some direct advice.

the ogre forests/paged geometry terrain looks amazing… e.g. screenshot found in here , also regarding performance… The only issue about Python Ogre is: I think you have no WYSIWYG scene-editor? It can take a whole lot of time to write such a one… but maybe the 20 mentioned Tools can come up for that :expressionless:

I’m going to guess that OgreAL is an audio library.