Sculpting an ogre with Blender sculpt tool, then going to take the mesh into zbrush for textures. keeping it simple on this one, really want to study lighting/skin for this bust.


update shot


first few minutes in Zbrush.


another angle, better lighting, orthographic camera.


Good progression so far :slight_smile:

Looks like you’ve been neglecting the hands a little bit though (and the legs too lol).

The wrinkles on the collar bone area look a bit random. I can picture this kind of ogre having the kind of droopy, wrinkly skin that old people get on their necks.

Hope to see more, this is looking to be a really good model so far.

been doing a lot of work in Zbrush and it’s coming out great. found a theme to go with, he’s the “Big Kahuna Ogre”, leader of the underworld’s beach! i decided that this is going to be a low poly modeling reel, with some animation, focusing on acting and weight.


a better quality render


His big toes look like they are caved in on the sides. If anything they should bulge out with constant weight on top of them.

The skirt is a nice touch. It could use some more realistic wrinkles though. Especially where it meets the belt - there should be a bunch of little stress wrinkles there. Otherwise it looks like he is wearing an aluminum can cutout as a skirt.

the devil is in the details

I think that his legs are way out of proportion. They should be a lot smaller compared to his body. And he should be fatter, and the points mentioned for the skirt are true aswell. Use hooks and physics to make it fit really realistically onto his body.

up close and personal


you might have something there with the legs being out of proportion. also thinking about making the arms a bit longer, hands a bit bigger. clearly the skirt is an issue. i thought it looked perfect, are you sure i should change it?

Yes, the skirt definitely looks waaaaay too stiff.

are you sure? looks pretty free flowing to me.

Yes I’m sure, it looks stiff enough that it could cut through a boulder. Fabric would not jut straight upwards like the skirt does above the belt - fabric should flop over the belt. Below the belt is a similar issue. Model in some better wrinkles - both big and little ones.

i’m just messin with ya man, haha, i know it looks awful right now.

haha yeah just use the cloth sim with the belt and ogre as a collision object

fixed the fabric…looks much more natural now. also, used a smooth filter for the mesh so animation looks great, and turned up the ambient occlusion.


when i click on the ogre mesh, it won’t let me add it as a collision object. whats up with that?

Maybe there is something in it’s modifier stack that is preventing that. A multi-res perhaps?

Also, skirt looks much better.