Hello everybody, I think that this model is finished, so it’s time to close di wip session and post it in the “finished projects” section of tihs forum.

Except for the base sculpt that comes from Sculptris (the dynamic topology branch didn’t exist when I started the model), all the model is realized with Blender for modeling, unwrapping and rendering, and Gimp for texturing and finale composite of the 3d image on the background. It takes a lot of time, but I think I spend this time in the right way, at list I had a lot of fun working on this model with this great software (which maybe needs a better texturing section).
Comments and critics are very welcome, hope you like it!

woah! why didn’t I see this before? quite nice! great first post, and welcome to the forum. :smiley:

Excellent work!
Maybe you could pose him a little less symmetrical, but it’s OK.
What renderer? In cycles you could use a fake sss setup. In BI, sss could help a lot.
BTW, you’re so right regarding the texturing section.

Great work !
I always like fantasy characters and there you have managed to build an amazing variant on the Ogre theme, the creature has a lot of personality.
The texture job on both the character and the armor parts is very impressive.

Beautiful and ugly at the same time, by the way nice job:D. I think I will have a nightmare.:frowning:

Awesome render :rolleyes:

Agreed, the texturing section could use some improvement.

I made a mistake with my old and new account!
Ziocaro is the old StefanoCiarr and StefanoCiarr is the new Ziocaro, excuse me for this mess!

Anyway, this is the last ( i hope) version of this ogre, and I was writing about the fact that it’s always difficult to stop yourself when tou’re testing and trying new solutions and versions, and you always think “this one is the best one!”. I hope you like it and to stop mixing the accounts! :slight_smile:

nice! I actually prefer the black and white one, although the diffuse texture in the first one is very cool as well. really nice normals mapping too.

ok, excuse me I made a mistake posting with my old account that I change for “professional” reasons.
This is the last version (I hope at least!) and, as I wrote, it’s always difficult to stop testing and trying so you always find new beautiful solutions, and this black and white version is one of them, maybe the last one. I hope you like it!


Excuse me for the mess, but I have some troubles my my new and old account.

Aniway, this is another version of the ogre and, as I was saying before, is always difficult to stop when you’re testing and trying various things and versions. So maybe this one is the last version of this ogre. I hope you like it!

It is even more frightening.Good job!:yes:

nice job lad.