OGRE3D Mesh and Character importer

I have written an Importer for OGRE3D Mesh files.
It works in most cases and is able to import Mesh Data + Skeleton(if there is one) + Materials with Textures (if he find them).

There is a part that should import animations too but it doesn’t work
because there i have trouble with the rotation angles.

If someone can help me to solve this problem ???

Link to the importer:

“right MB” and “save as” if direct download doesn’t work

Something more:

-The script is written for Blender 2.41 with Python 2.4

-The .mesh/.mesh.xml, .skeleton/.skeleton.xml, .material file and the texture files should stay in the same directory

-To leaf the animations comment the lines 1077-1079

Solved the rotation problem and the Translation of the animated Bones!

I have added a additional bone called ‘Root’, that takes the bonelocation of the original root bone without
rotations because in most cases only the original root is translated in the animations. That solves the
“translation in ‘worldspace’” problem.

Have fun with it and please post any problems.

Maybe that somebody make this script more comfortable by using a XML-Parser.

If so please tell me!

Here is the file:


“right MB” and “save as” if direct download doesn’t work

hrmmm, Exporter… intergration, = happy… Maybe… OR Replace blender 3d view with ogre… :smiley:

what do you go by onthe OGRE forums?

Hi what license is it? If it is GPL I’ll possibly add it for the next release…


Its GPL but not realy finished. I will add a GUI for adjusting the import scale factor and maybe some options for setting the content that will be imported and a routine that allows to set the OgreXMLConverter manualy if its not found.

Are you aware of this thread?


I know this threat. But i’m not an OGRE3D User or developer so if you like to post this script there feel free to do it.

Added an GUI for the importer and you now can setup your path to the


“right MB” and “save as” if direct download doesn’t work

OK, but I am confused, why don’t you just register there and post it?


I have posted it at http://www.ogre3d.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=145217#145217

Hey D-Man, just curious if you have updated the script at all or if you feel it is ready for submittal for inclusion.


I’m sorry that there was nothing new so long.

I will fix some problems by using the importer at Blender 2.42a, but for now i have to spend my time on anything different. I hope to bring you the realy finished importer end of september.

Hm, can i bump this tread up a bit?

D-Man: thank you so much for your work on importer for Blender.
I have using OGRE3D_Mesh_importer2.py (http://freenet-homepage.de/3-D-Man-Zone/downloads/OGRE3D_Mesh_importer2.py) coz oly this version could import animation for my files (latest couldn’t). I use Blender 2.41.
I have incorrect bones rotation though (animation is perfect) - see attached screens.

This is how it looks in Milkshape:

and this is in Blender:

What could cause this?