Oh, deer


I decided to pick up this project after a year of idle blenderhands (am I saying that right?) It’s a still of a crocodile about to eat bambi (not really Bambi, that’d be Awful, but you get it) I’m heading for an ‘OH no!’ reaction.

So far I’ve got some of the modeling done and I gave everything a procedural, so I’d know what colors to use on the UV maps. I’m planning on sculpting the extreme details and normal mapping them.
I hope this will turn into a spectacular image.

Tips, comments, criticism?
Thanks in advance,


I think the croc looks fine, you may have to add a good back-ground telling a story about why the croc is about to snap ie warning off, or charging out.

The croc skin needs some work. I’d suggest you get rid of the moon for now and solely concentrate on the croc render.

All the best!