Oh, I forgot...Happy Easter

From me and my dog…

Cheers, pix

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Hehe, so cute!

Happy easter.

I somehow doubt that is your dog, but happy easter anyway.



It’s funny, beacuse this reminds me of last easter. When my Cat took 3 rabbits to the front door. And my dog sat infront of the heater sleaping XD

Our cat has killed rabbits and dragged them into our garage before, the sad part is throwing the dead rabbit away.

I’m pretty sure I saw this last year on this forum, I wonder if that’s due to not having any time to find a new image?

Possibly that his dog isn’t a very good hunter, thus it is a rare occasion that he revels in as a pig does mud?

It’s quite late to greet you back but, Happy easter too! Better late than never right?

I partially saw a good documentary kind of Easter related recently, and the thread reminded me of that.

Think what you may. Here is my dog (sans rabbit). By the way he is a very good hunter! He has sort of a “what are you looking at” expression in this photo.

The erason I doubt that it’s you dog, is that the picture has been circulating on the Internet for years

One year, my dog caught a rabbit on Easter too!

So, what does that mean?
People, dogs and critters change with time. My guess is that you are a cat lover. No problem there, I love all creatures, even human ones! :slight_smile:

Well, one thing I find funny is that those are two differant Dog’s, the one in the first picture is smaller and wearing a differant collor.

Here’s a picture of my cat when it was still alive.

Well, most times a dog’s gear is changed to the occasion. Yes they can be formal, then again they might be on the hunt.

Have to admit, dogs get up to amazing things. And it is in their nature to do things that may not be normal to the rest of the animal species. I suppose that’s what that makes dogs stick out from cats. And no, I would rather not get into a “dog vs cat” argument about who makes the best pet/master.