oh man my pc broke..

ergh… tried turning my computer on and it kept shutting down, im locked outa all me precious files (not many if any:rolleyes:) BUt oh man!!! i was working on a motorbike and a piano on blender and i lost all of it. Tried booting in safe mode but nah kept shutting down.
Btw is 60+ degrees C for a cpu too high?, i thought it was overheating issue so i cleaned out the comp and even applied some new thermal paste but nothing worked!!1:(:frowning:

Any ideas…?

Additional input required - does not compute…

you need to be a little bit more specific on whats happening and not working to get a diagnosis ^^
You sound like somone who has his OS and his data on one partition?

you sound like you know your way around inside the guts of your machine. Pull the drive, put it in a working machine as a slave drive, and make backups of your important files. Then, you can start poking around doing diagnostics, trying fixes and so on without worrying about losing those files.

Bummer, man. I know the feeling. :frowning:

So do I… I lost my 240 GB hard drive with loads and loads of stuff… due to a lightning strike or something. Now I’m working on a 10 GB hard drive… How I miss the times when I could play games other than counter-strike…

oh man 240GB HDD then down to a 10GB that sucks even more. Anyways i turned my pc back on after a couple of days and it seems to be working fine… Well at least until it reaches around 63C and i’ve done everything i could so far. I turned the comp on about 20mins ago and the temp was 41C, now its sitting at 53C, as soon as it hits the 60’s its starts freezing then shuts down and i cant turn it back on.

Is there anything else i can do?- (or do i have to buy more components?)

Additional input required - does not compute…

you need to be a little bit more specific on whats happening and not working to get a diagnosis ^^
You sound like somone who has his OS and his data on one partition?

I’ve got two partitions, one with ubuntu, and the other with XP. Another issue i have is when the windows loading logo appears it kind of lags when appearing in the beginning, if you get what i mean.

I have the same problem, and what’s worse, is that it sometimes gets hanged in the middle of that loading screen!! Then I restart my computer, and it gets stuck with a blank dos-type screen, with a blinking cursor, only to restart it again and agian, to finally get it started… but it’s stopped now… well, almost.

lol;), I tend to get wonky red,green,blue colored rectangles on boot-up at times as well (during memory check). Oh yeah and its sitting on 61C and i had to restart it twice!! soon enough its gonna be all gone… (ahh this is getting to me now…)

60+ degrees!
Sounds like overheating is the problem. Blow out some dust and check the fan speed?

Hope it is saveable - unless of course you want a new one.

(P.S. ~ 61 degrees is when the CPU starts to break; it probably has a failsafe shutdown to prevent damage - stay cool.)

yea make sure your fan is working, thats what its for =]

yeah done a massive cleanup inside, and right now its got the side panel open stil at 60C lol. Oh well, this is a hopeless case. Anyways thanks for the replies fellaz, ill c if anything works out if i replace the heatsink.


If you need any help, this should fix it:-

cheers man!, ill check those out

I once had a older computer that did that same thing. Think I recall it
had something to do with the registry being corrupt.

Another thing that it could be is a power supply going bad or a peripheral device drawing too much current or maybe a bad connection with the PS cables. Faults like these will cause a CPU to overheat and shut down. If you can, you might want to try disconnecting all but essential devices and try that. If that does not work, and you have a a spare PS you could use, try swapping them out and see if that makes any change. There are also several system monitoring softwares that will report voltages and temperature details, I think that speed fan is one of them. Of course you have to be able to keep your computer running long enough to load and use those utilities. Another thing that I have heard about is that there are virusus that will be cranking up your CPU usage to 100%, so you might wish to check out the CPU usage at idle (task manager for windows can give you a ballpark figure). I would say that anything over 5% at idle requires further investigation. This does sound like a heat related problem.Some hard drives will also shut the system down to OT faults, I am not sure about video cards though. The fun part is why the heat? Who knows? You may have just found a temporary hobby!
Good luck.

My sister had the same problem. It’s the graphics card.

Try running with inboard video (if you haven’t already AND your motherboard supports it). If that’s not it and all the fans are working, etc. I don’t know for sure. I had one do something similar when I turned off HT (hyper threading) in the BIOS, but Windows HAD been installed with it. This makes things do what you saw. It also turned out that the northbridge on the motherboard was bad.

Methinks it’s time for a new mobo.

try running a Linux live CD, totally different OS so if the problem still exists its a hardware problem:)

you could also try changing the thermal compound on the CPU heatsink.

It is possible.
Try to check the graphic card’s temperature.

yeah im running speed fan at the moment, Core:53C GPU 54C, hmmm i think i should try changing the psu because i have messed around with this in the past…

Check to see if any internal cables are stopping the fan, this happened to me and my CPU got to 110C before shutting down.