Oh my god! UFO UFO!

Ok, so the story is behind this is that there aint much of a story.

I decided to take a break from my little animation yesterday and was cruising the internet when I came across a site for the one and only Ray Harryhausen. Some will now Ray’s work from back in the day when they used alot of stop animation for the special FX, suffice it to say in my mind he’s a god amongst men. He was one of the main reason why I picked up on 3D modeling and animation (easier then stop animation, being another reason).

Anyway I came across a picture of him with a couple of model of his and one of the models was a “Flying saucer” from “Earth vs. the flying saucers”. I thought that should be an easy enough model to do. So I googled and found some pictures from the movie and even a blueprint of the entire ship.

An hour and half later I had rendered my flying saucer, add on an extra 20 - 30 minuets in photoshop and I was done.

So here you go, a fun little project to ease my mind. Made it look like an old photo shot back in the 40’s all scratched and dirty.

(click thumbnail for bigger picture)

Hey… I like it. Thats cool.

For the longest time I was looking for reference shots of the UFOs from MIB the original-the ones in Queens, but I could never find any.

Good stuff.


Cool scene. The lighting matches up real well. Good jod :slight_smile:

very well done! good lighting

No way! You’re pulling my leg. That looks like the original photo. Ok, I believe you, that’s perfect. You had me going there for while.

Yes, I agree, Ray Harryhausen is one of the best animators ever, he could draw pretty good too. I saw a drawing of his, for one of the animation sequences in “Jason and the Arganauts” (1963) and it’s very well done, poses full of life and perfect perspective.

Maybe that’s why in Monsters Inc they pay homage to Harryhausen by naming a restaurant after him.

Indead, the fifties or sixties photograph from a proffesional that broke the law of UFO’s being token on camera.
The law of ufo’s or unidentified animals always token blurry on photo’s.

Cool presentation of your render. I really like it, it remembers of those old photo’s on my grandads desk from the old days, except that this one is not a family guy or animal but a UFO. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks everyone, I really like this one alot. :smiley:

  • zog34
    Thanks. Its gotta be tough looking for some UFO reference images, especially of the MIB space ship, it was dark in those scenes.

  • GAT-X105
    So far it seems everyone likes the lighting, and I’ve only really just discovered how to do some ok lighting.

  • :F_T:
    Thanks. :slight_smile:

  • ozo
    lol, thanks man.
    You know I never actually noticed that Monsters inc. reference before, man am I deaf. :expressionless:
    I’ll have to have a look around for that JATA picture.

  • JD-multi
    Well, you know I could have just as easily made an sphere and squashed it a bit, blur the crap out of it and post it and claim it as a UFO. lol

Maybe later on in the year I might want to do Medusa from “Clash of the titans”.

Thanks all.