We just had an earthquake yesterday. Luckily I wasn’t in the immediate vicinity. I think no one died.

location might make a bit of sence to post, (if you want to make sense that is)


Where was this earthquake exactly? And what’s its rating on the ricter scale?

There was a 5.3 Richter quake at Kaliningrad on Tuesday, we felt it here in Estonia and I slept the entire time. daytime. crap. I missed out on all the monitor-rattling, dish-breaking fun.

There was an earthquake in Hayward, CA a couple years ago, but me and my dad were stomping around, so we thought the earthquake was an extra-big stomp :-Þ.

And close to that area a couple years before that, there was an earthquake but I slept through it. :x

I’m glad we don’t have those nasty earthquakes in Finland. Last time we had two the other “earthquake” was noticed only by scientific equipment and the other was barely even noticed.

There are baerly any quakes in California! Let alone nasty!

Earth Cake? Never had it, but it sounds good. :slight_smile:

I live in Minnesota, so we don’t have to put up with that. All we got is icy roads, hoards of mosquitos, fifty below windchill, several feet of snow, humid muggy summers, tornadoes here and there, Mississippi flooding, etc.

No matter where you go, there’s no escaping earth. Except space. Which, I suppose, makes up the majority of the universe.

We get wild weather here too, hot in the summer, cold in the winter, freakish thunderstorms that pop out of nowhere ect ect…

last quake i heard of was near fairbanks (8.someting) but i still felt it bout 2000 miles away.

Hmmm…“Earthquake Attack”. That’s a new one…

I imagined an earthquake while I was asleep one morning… I shat my pants, I wasn’t too impressed… asked my Brother who was awake at the time who denied the whole thing.

The earth moved and made a rock wrenching grumble… it seemed like it was all powerful… scary, I had no idea what to do!

Maybe your brother wasn’t paying attention, or you have a great imagination.

Maybe the foundations of my life were under great stress?

LOL 5.4 is piddley

i eat earthquakes for breakfast. they are fun.


Mmm, yum!

I work for an engineering geologist (we do work at queenstown, NZ) and there is a standard disclaimer on all of our reports to the effect that
there will be >8 magnitude earthquake within the next 50 years…

The alpine fault in NZ is stressed about 7-8 m out of where it should be -

------- ----------

that is how it is now - imagine that the | is a road.

------- ----------
  • that is how it wll be afterwards - in other words, one half of the south island will move 7 m compared to the other… Earthquakes are very scary things… It will simply destroy anything near it that isn’t flexible enough.

I was in a 7.2 when I was 12. Our house was fine, but everything in it was smashed. The neighbors house fell down though. Then about 1/3 of the city caught on fire. I have vivid memorries of feilds of temporrary housing errected afterwards.

In January 1995 a strong earthquake hit the city of Kobe and surroundings. The Southern Hyogo Earthquake (also called Great Hanshin Earthquake) killed 6,000 and injured 415,000 people. 100,000 houses were completely and 185,000 partially destroyed

Wow, Lived! What did you do after the quake was over?

By the looks of things here are you Japanese or something?