No I’m australian. My Dad was posted in kobe for 3 years. After the earthquake we stuck around for about 4 days drinking boiled water from the runoff ditches beside the rode. We then got back to australia(dad stayed behind though). So it wasn’t too bad for me.

btw - I’ve also lived in sri-lanka(2 years), hongkong(4 years), and tokyo(3 years, but in tokyo I went to boarding school in Australia, and only went up on the holidays). I liked tokyo the best by far.

I used to, but earthquakes give me indigestion.

The one I’m talking about was pretty weak I guess… Just wanted to waste the time of other people. :smiley:

I didn’t even feel it, it was near the finnish border and the only thing it did in finland was that it shook some houses and rang a couple of church bells somewhere near the border. No one died. It was, in fact, our first “big” earthquake.

I used to, but earthquakes give me indigestion.[/quote]

to much tobasco sauce i think.

I live in quite a geologicaly unstable region. The city I live in is built on 40 extinct & dormant volcanoes. The scary things is that over time the volcanic erupts have gotten more frequent and bigger. The last one was the Rangitoto eruption over a century ago that formed a new island not far from the North shore.

We would only get an earthquake in an event of a volcanic action (eg a “pre-eruption tremor”).

I live in Auckland, New Zealand by the way but i’m not a New Zealander

:o Under attack?? You must be jokng, Aaargh help, Alien invasion… blaaaargh… (bloody sounds) …help!!! OM… pieeeeeeeep (death phone line)

I saw an article about a quake today (link).

I used to, but earthquakes give me indigestion.[/quote]

to much tobasco sauce i think.[/quote]

Yes, but they have little flavor without it.