Oh. My. Gosh. Newbie unable to decide where to start here.

:oops: Meh. Maybe I’m just easily overwhelmed by the number of (outdated) links, but I’m looking for a comprehensive tutorial for someone with absolutely no experience with the game engine. =P Just one simple game and I’ll be happy. Thanks a lot in advance!


I know a lot of functionality is the same as in the old old tutorials but it would really be nice to have up-to-date game engine tutorials as well (so at least the screenshots are recognisable as version 2.3 + at least)



Only free complete tutorial I know of by Snailrose. The other tutorials I know of are application specific, but Snailrose does a pretty nice job here covering a range of things though. Not a COMPLETE game, but it builds a nice base for it.

Hope it helps.

:expressionless: Oh yeah and there’s also OTO’s pinball tutorial, hehe

Jason Lin


maybe it’s not suitable for complete begginers but give it a try: