Oh my! The sexy Audi R8!

I started this project for an art project at school to show the teacher but then we started doing art history instead. I picked up teh model yesterday night and then realized i should completely redo it. So i did.
I worked from midnight to 4:30 AM approx.
Hehe, first blend in a loooong while, it feels good!
I would really like some crits and suggestions on this one.
here is a pic of the current progress:

Rendered in BI (duh :P) with 2 spots and 2 lamps, one of the ray shadow.
I noticed the bump on the outer side of teh lamp sockets already, i will fix that.

Nice start! Isn’ t the WIP thread better for this?

Thanks, and i am not cetain on where to post it. I mean i want focuse critique but it’s still a WIP :wink:

By the way, i did some more work, smoothed the bump there and fixed some other minor things on the already modelled parts and modelled first part of the roof. Also i want to say i might not be able to update this very often because i have to go to this horrible demonic thing called school (one term left, then game dev school! :D)

Picture: http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i187/Brainsplatta/WIPrender2.jpg?t=1203859723

I understand you.
I’ m still at that ***** secundary school (not sure how to translate, sorry)
Happy blending!

Here’s my next update!

  • Started modelling the back
  • Cleaned up some odd topology
  • fixed the doors, still not quite there yet still a couple of problem areas.

The camera is in a bit bad angle so its kinda hard to see the back because they kinda melt together.
Render in less than a minute, two buffer shadow spotlights and two lamps, one of them ray-shadow. AO at 12 samples and 0.6 energy. Rendered with the default background because it takes 8 minutes to render if the model is on a plane.

Please critique!

oh! and brammie, i am starting secondary school… I think, that’s where you go when youre 16 right? its called gymnasium here.

Nope i’ m 12. :slight_smile:
Nice work so far. But there is much to do!!

nice start and no crits right now …BTW how old are you juggler ?

Thanks you, I am born in 1992 so i am 15 years old.
And yeah Brammie still lot to do but the progress is literally crawling.

Nice Model… Goo d work so far. Do bright orange R8’s exist? I’ve seen jet black, silver, and light blue, but not orange I don’t think…

Anyway, to make the car a bit more realistic, extrude all the panel edges in a fraction (not too much or it gets in the way). This makes it very hard to see through the gaps and see the light coming through between panels, and gives the feeling of there being sub stantial underneath (like an engine).

Everything else looks about right… could I see a wireframe? Oh yeah, the front headlights on the R8 look like a real headache to model, so be prepared…

Hehe thanks Nitronic. No there arent any Bright orange R8’s and youre rgiht about the colours, but this colour is pretty nice isnt it? I am not sure if i am going to keep it that way in the final render. I already thought of the fact to extrude them inwards i just havent bothered yet since it kidna clutters teh workspace down in fron/back view in wireframe mode. About the headlights i think the all car healights look painful to model but i will get mentally preparid before i move onto those, promise.
Will upload a wireframe in a sec and edit it into the post.

Side: http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i187/Brainsplatta/Blender/Sidewireframe.jpg?t=1204043789

Front: http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i187/Brainsplatta/Blender/Frontwireframe.jpg?t=1204043790

Top: http://i72.photobucket.com/albums/i187/Brainsplatta/Blender/Topwireframe.jpg?t=1204043790

nice going. I look forward to seeing a finished model when it is. (finished)

Hey people havent done very much today but i am done about 65% of teh back and i spent 20 minutes figuring and lookingat references at the headlights.
I still wanted a render to show so i spent a little more time on the lighteneing this time.
Rendered for about 20 minutes at 1280x1024.