Oh no! Grease pencil surface placement inaccuracies and oddities


I’m using the grease pencil to draw over object surfaces, and I’m unable to get consistent results or a clean drawn-on surface result. I was expecting the drawn line to attach to the surface without bleeding below it.

I’ve tried manipulating the Offset under the Surface option in Draw mode but I have yet to get the lines to lie flat on the object. The offset number seems tied to how close I am in the viewport, so I can’t rely on ‘this pixel value equals this offset value’.

I’ve tried adding a subdivision modifier to various basic meshes without luck to see if the GP needs more surface detail.

There are also weird line stretching/artifacts but that’s a separate issue.

I’d love to hear any suggestions or fixes.


This is another screencast of gaps depending upon distance in viewport from the object with the Offset value the same. Perhaps I’m missing a setting somewhere?

I can recreate the offset changing with view distance and it definitely seems like a bug to me. You should report it.

Thanks for testing! I submitted the bug.