Oh no! I pressed 3 again...

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is the wrong place to air this, but I didn´t know where else… Please excuse a total beginner at this. I´m running Blender 2.49b on Vista.

If I understand everything right the normal number keys (1-9 at the top of the keyboard, NOT on the numerical one) are supposed to show different layers. Just guessing that a new file starts on 1 as long as you don´t move anything on purpose. Well. So far so good. But I think this is the third time I´ve done the misstake of hitting the regular 3 instead of the numerical one (wanting to change the view), and have all my edits since the last save vanish. I tried undo, and I tried to press 1 (and all other layers, in the panel below as well) to try to go back, but I can´t find it. Am I (even more) a total noob regarding this and have missed something obvious, or is there anything I could have done to save the situation?

And yes, (now) I´ve checked the settings for autosave, as that didn´t do me any good either…

I love Blender (even if it is frustrating to know all the things it can do, and I can´t), but it seems like total madness that one wrong key pressed can make irrepairable damage. Please tell me that´s not the case.

Best regards,


No one wrong key press will not screw the whole thing, I do remember how frustrating that was at first and I still laugh at my brother who does it all the time when we are modeling together.
~` --this key (to the left of 1) will unhide all layers, also you can tell if you have any objects on a layer by looking at the layer buttons and seeing if they have a little triangle (in object mode, they disappear in edit mode) Don’t worry and keep blending, save often, and realize that whatever you feel you have lost, is something you will probably be able to remake in 5 minutes later in your modeling career. THE IDEA OF YOUR DESIGN IS THE MOST VALUABLE THING YOU HAVE.



Doing just about nothing right I of course forgot why I left Blender open and accidentally closed it… But as you said; what took hours the first time was halfway done in less than 20 minutes now (and better looking too), so I´m not jumping from anything high or removing all my hair with brute force - at least not this time.

And I got a new best friend - Tilde - or at least that is what we call the ~ key here. On my swedish keyboard it translates to §, but it works just the same.

Many, many, thanks for your great help!


oh cool, i didn’t know what key hid/unhid all the layers (its called a tilde key in english aswell)… handy, thanks. theres just too many undocumented shortcuts in blender i feel - maya had an all in one editable list that i would love to see in blender…

Yeah, blender’s a bitch to learn, even when you have some experience in other 3D-applications. Still, it’s worth the effort, even though about everything will take a lot of time in the beginning.

This reference helped me a lot: http://download.blender.org/documentation/BlenderHotkeyReference.pdf