Oh no, not another head.

Hi all.

I have been a Blender user for some time, but I’m really no artist. I know how to use many of blender features, but actually using them to create something nice is not really my strong point.

Well, after some studying, I decided to try and create a head, so I can learn from it. After about 2 hours I came with the results below.

I sense something is not right with my topology, but I don’t really know what to do with the poles I have so I can correct it. Any help with this model would be very apreciated, as I really want to finish it.



Wow. just two hours?

It takes me forever to create a decent head.

Anyway, have you checked subdivisionmodeling.com

There are really topology threads out there.

Also check out toonjie 's and moonrookie threads here at BA.

Well, instead of telling you whats wrong I’ll let you work it out, take a look at a whole load of heads, wiki it, work out anatomy and then see if you can’t work it out for yourself.
I’ll give you two clues:
Good luck =).

I already knew subdivisionmodeling.com, but never really studied any of the tutorials there.

Following your sugestions, I read SomeArtist’s tutorial on poles and tried to redo my topology, here are the results, please tell me what you think.