Oh no you don't billy

Oh god…Billy Gates has made yet another stupid decision


Basicly, if you don’t have a Video Card with DVI output and an OPM-compatible monitor, the next version of windows, Longhorn, will have a program built in that will diminish the visual quality.

Damn him…I just bought an LCD a few months ago…arrrg.

Another reason to make the switch to linux :smiley:

Nothing that comes from Mr. Gates surprises me.
Just another silly decision from him… :<

another great reason to wait till it is 3 years old to upgrade

but this isn’t entirely gate’s decision, the hardware has been going in that direction for some time

[check out the corresponding rambling on slashdot: http://it.slashdot.org/it/05/07/15/155216.shtml?tid=109&tid=172&tid=158&tid=155 ]

It doesn’t matter now for me…I am in the process of completely switching to Linux and the open-source world. I am trying to slowly decrease my gaming…and will probably pick up an xbox360 instead of playin on my comp.

As Homer Simpson once put it:

You can kiss my hairy yellow butt…

…good old Bill still gets a cut from your addiction, he’s got you by the…

I don’t quite get it… what is there to “protect” that is sent to the moniter?

surly if you buy a product in the public domain, doing something like that, which decreases the quality of your product unless you have a certain piece of hardware would be illegal? I understand about lack of compatability if you dont have certain hardware, but this is being purposly done to decrease the quality.

Thats like AMD’s latest law suit, the intel compiler re-working code if its on an AMD processor so it doesn’t work as well(okay so we dont know if the case againt intel is ture or not, so dont reply with that shit).

Whats going to be next, longhorn can run on AMD, but because of a partnership with intel it wont let you boot up if it finds an AMD processor?

And surly, doesnt this mean moniter manufacturers can sue MS for purposily sabatarging thier hardware? I asume MS will use the defence of thier terms and condition of using the software to protect them, saying that thier OS is sold under the condition that, videos /whatever from content providers will only work on special moniters under their own ‘special’ standards should i say, thus they can then illiminate any support for “out dated moniters”

But to sabotage the content by shrinking it down and blowing it up? i hope they do get forced to caugh up the beans and then force the anti old school moniter code out of the OS.

If you sell a product to the public, surly people have a right to view it with no catches?

I hope im not interpreting this wrong, but it sound mighty stupid and wrong to me. not like i care, i dont use windows anymore =)

2006 will be when new moniters will reject any signal unless its coming from MS. And let me guess, MS is going to start selling moniters that just happen to work perfectly with it’s OS on the same date longhorn goes on sale?

you’re missing the point. This is a feature to encourage content providers to allow your content in HD form to be on microsoft’s platform. It will be very unlikely that it will do anything to existing content, it is a means to make reproducing exact copies of HD content non trivial
[however it will do nothing to stop those that really want to, and I don’t think most people will care if they get SD [standard definition] content free from their friends]

I’m normally not a stickler on spelling, but ‘sabotage’ is the word you annoyed by mispelling

nope, intellectual property [stupid term, means copyright/trademark/patent] law lets you do all sorts of things.

the one that buys the products can’t do whatever they like with the content on it. The content providers have pushed all kinds of fun laws and copy protection measures. If you thing the DVD-CSS things was bad [poor obfuscation of dvd format discs which must be licensed in order to make a player, those that didn’t license it were threatened using the DMCA and trade secret laws], the next generation will probably be much worse.

okay, I’ll repeat myself. when the next movie disc standard is decided you will most likely be required to purchase a compatible display to play them without a loss of quality. This will be because the content providers want absolute control over the consumer hardware which can duplicate their media without loss. DRM on the monitor signal is an attempt at that. Some hardware today is already acting stupid and will force you to use component [analog] cables if you don’t have a compatible display.

this is microsoft following along with stupid decisions of media giants, they don’t have much of a choice if they want to be able to be compatible with the new media formats [what if windows couldn’t play dvds because the MPAA hates microsoft? … yeah, it wouldn’t happen, microsoft isn’t that dumb]

Actually, My copy of Windows is anything but legit…I’m not wasting money on that OS.

Actually lukus, they can do what they want with the new windows. Unfortunately, most people will still buy the product because it is all they know. Alot of people don’t even know there are other operating systems besides Windows, and that just isn’t right. Microsoft developped this little technology, so they’re gonna be gay and implement it in their new Os, and tehy can because it’s their product…its the consumer’s choice to buy it.

Actually, My copy of Windows is anything but legit…I’m not wasting money on that OS…[/quote]

I was refering to your planned X-Box purchase…

Actually, My copy of Windows is anything but legit…I’m not wasting money on that OS…[/quote]

I was refering to your planned X-Box purchase…[/quote]

well then… I am quite sure I’ll get a mod chip when available


I just love these people who use words like Micro$oft, rant about Bill being the offsping of Satan and wearing their Tux shirts.

The fact is, Xp atleast is a stable OS. Easy to use for the casual user who has used windows before. Why on earth would most people care that there are other OSes? They just care about doing their work, or playing their games or whatever. They don’t, however, care about the pissing contest between Linux and Windows.

And, even if you’re asshole enough to not pay for your software, maybe you atleast should be smart enough NOT to tell about it in any forum? I don’t think elYsiun supports warez.

no RJii… it’s not Micro$oft… It’s Micro$haft! get it right. sheeez…
and Gates is the offspring of Satan… and I don’t even have a single Tux shirt… so wut ya gotta say bout that?! HUH?! HUH?! that’s wut I thought!

Linux is also a stable OS and it’s getting better, plus there are now Linux Versions where a casual user can use it. Heck I read something about a 10 year old girl who was able to install and use Linux without a problem. So if a 10 year old can use it, and an adult can’t… that’s just sad.

And it’s not being “asshole” to not pay for software… it’s knowing that some things are not worht $100 dollars to buy, just because it’s “stable”(even though a few months after XP came out they came out with a disc to patch up every problem they missed), and all fancy smancy with the “new OS look”.

If Elysiun doesnt’ support warez that’s fine… but this hamster supports wareZ!! GO WAREZ! J00 R TEH S3><i BIATCH! !w00t! !w00t!

anyone who hops in with a chip on his shoulder bad mouthing us “assholes”, and us folk who care about such pissing contests… deserve a can of… SHUT YOU MOUTH BEFORE I BIATCH SLAP U TO THE NEXT MILLENIUM WHERE BILL GATES IS AN UBER-GOD!!! :frowning: haha

ummm Micro$oft’s shafts are rarely “micro”. . . . so maybe Macro$haft 8) lol

So lets say that LongHorn is due on January of 2006. (Yeah right.) That makes the patch(es) for it by various cracking groups due out by late January…

And I haven’t seen a linux distro thats worth replacing windows with. It’s like RJii said, I don’t care about the OS half as much as I care about getting my work done.


Ok, maybe I’ll reply you this one time, so take notes.

If someone has used Windows 2000 or 98 or ME or even 3.11 they are automatically seeing things they recognise in newer versions. That helps to move them from tweeking the OS to doing their work.

A 10 year old installing linux? Fine, maybe so. I’m sorry, but for the casual user, it’s not about installing the OS.

In my book, anyone not paying for their software licenses -> an asshole. Don’t come crying to me that XP isn’t worth 100$. It must be worth something to you, or you wouldn’t even warez it, right?

About patching XP, I sure am glad for you Linux people that Linux never gets patched. Stick a fork in me, I’m done with this topic.

seems like yet another measure which will not stop the problem but annoy the rest of people.

its like EMI’s CC technology which stops 5% of the population from using their music, but doesn’t actually stop anyone from copying it.

it is mearly a step in the process towards a service controlled future. where no consumer owns the content and mearly hires it.


Or pirates it as has been stated previously.

I’m glad I’m responsible for making most of my own entertainment, (I’m not just talking about those evenings with the wife when the kids are out).

bussman, well in class we are being taught that even products are being moved toa service industry.

i.e. you rent everything from entertainment systems to computers.

your tv would not function without an appropritate service provider, your TiVo would only play back saved content if you were still signed up…

but yes i agree pirate content will grow IMO.

but more and more the companies producing products and content will be responsibile for their disposal. so you rent somthing, and the company you rent it from is in charge of getting it recycled correctly.


RJii, you need to calm down. It seems you believed ther person who said “the internet is serious business”…lol.

I think people proved your other points wrong, so I’ll address one.

The fact that I may have some non-legit software is none of your business. Furthermore, why would it matter if elYsiun supports piracy? Not like I said “OMFGZ GUYZ, CHECK THIS FREE WINDOWS TORRENT”…I just calmly mentioned that fact…so ya…