Oh snap!

I just want to put the new Snap at the end of its menu along with any other subsequent cutters-in-liners.

Selection to Cursor( Offset ) is awesome by the way, thank you to whoever did that it messed up my brainlearnings (to the operation of my finger-circuits) because now every thing on the list has to move down one. The 3 is 4. The 4 is 5. I won’t type them all.

How rude. And impolite. No cutting in line. No cutting. Polite is to go to the end of the line. Polite is to not screw with people’s ingrown neural circuitry-circuits and cause them to have to short-circuit every time something like this happens.

I shall politely note that I feel justified in the liberal use of parenthetical expressions in this thread.

SOLVED view3d_ops.c i’m about to test…

I was wondering if someone could point me to where and how to change the ordering of stuff like menu items (snap in my case). I want S,3 back.:frowning: (along with S,4). Rather than going full retard and posting some kind of bug report about my irritations with incidental/arbitrary changes (i wouldn’t mind mind seeing S put at the end maybe under heading offset) it would be nice just to be able to edit and build locally.

I don’t edit the code (yet) but am usually able to build (most revisions)(with minor changes to the default build settings(via cmake)). I am decent with python but at C, like a dense child. I know cut and paste dur hur but I am durhur-termined. That this type of mere reordering should be a snap (piece of cake(type of sweet food eaten at birthday parties)) right?