Oh WOW! This is like the coolest feature yet!!!!!!!!

I mean, seriously… go into face select mode… and like… go into edit mode, and it’s like PURPLE! COOOOOOL! ¶:þ It’s just… AWSOME! PURPLE!
I mean, you hafta agree :smiley:

Yeah PURPLE rocks!! :smiley: :smiley:

yea its cool, but also in that manner if you then select a face or object it changes to a slightly diffrent color of purple.
Woa! Dude! Bwarg!

Woah! Blue! Bwraaarg! ( I like :smiley: ) blue is my favorite color! and it’s transparent blue! :smiley: COOOOOOOL! ¶:þ

Um… right…

And this is in off-topic because…


In 2.25 Publisher, they are golden. :smiley:


Damn, had I knew about this a long time ago, it would’ve saved me from a LOT of gray hairs :slight_smile:

What the heck is everybody talking about?

the new Show Faces mode.


i think people should start reading the feature list… :stuck_out_tongue:


I do have to say that it’s pretty cool.


Yes it’s very cool!! Much better than the golden outlined square!

works for egses too, by the way. Just select ‘draw edges’ and edges turn up yellow. You can select and edge by using alt-RMB.

One thing i don’t like there, though. The colour of a selected edge blends into the colour of adjacent non selected ones, which does not help clarity…


actually, that’s one of the thing I prefered over the previous version of Show Edges which would only display the completely selected edges. IMHO, the blending is better, since it gives you an idea about all the edges that are affected by moving the selected vertice.


ah right, that is clever yes. I often find myself confused sbout which vertes affects what especially in more complex models. Now it’s much eaier to see…

thanks for enlightening me theeth!