oHh Deer

#sculptjanuary2022 Day 3; Horns
well this one is more about composition i guess. and i am pretty happy with it. i think it’s this far my best render. :slight_smile:
the horn-sculpting part didn’t took too long, since i was tempted to use a bit geometrynodes anyways. i used a skin modifier. and only polished it a bit with sculpting.
The geonodes part is pretty much the BagaPie Ivy-generator, only exposed the curves and gave it some emission. and i scattered a bit of my moss (the blue dots).
the base-deer (without horns) is from turbosquit.

Thats the render. I like the reddish tint of the deers hair, wish i could have preserved it better in the compositor. but anyways i am happy with it. also i did this green variation, but i like the other more. More decent i think.