Ohhh, Yeaahhh (Dance with robots)


This is my latest work.
Shall we dance?
Ohhh, Yeaahhh 8)


Hey, that’s pretty awesome. Good modelling and texture. :o

Crits (that you don’t really need to listen to):

Obviously u used photoshop for the focus effect…something, can’t put a finger on it right now, but something feels awkard about it.

Get a reflective floor (IMO) with shadows. It feels like they are in air.

…maybe a symbol or barcode on their chestplate? It kinda looks too generic with same color throughout the body.

Brain fart by John-kimmo

Modelling and textures are really good, but as stated above: it needs background. Without it it looks hm… plain? empty? It’s just like those robots are asking for some things that would surround them ;]

Robot looks good. Modelling and textures looks really nice but character looks little “stiff”. Well, it’s matter of opinion i think.
Another crit, it really shows that you only rendered one robot and duplicated it afterwards.
As others said as well, it needs surroundings too. Even floor would improve it. I really would like to see improved version of this. Keep up the good work.

I think the problem with the focus effect is that the blur is the same across the entire robot, despite distance changes.

Nice :smiley:
and funny

I think what might looks off a bit is that they have a short torso? as in very much human-like but with a shorter body… maybe this is what you were trying to do but it looks a bit weird with long arms, legs, big head, and a short body? a bit like a charicature :smiley:

Would you have done these with armatures? so you could really do a short anim of them dancing in unison? ofcourse youd need to know something about chariography (sp?) to pull that off realistically


I’ll use Zblur scequecer plug-in next time in stead of using Gimp blur.


I intended to make its head bigger, longer arms and short hip.
I don’t want to copy each human body parts size and its ratio against other body parts. Hey, let’s break the law.
This posing is using armature. I am going to make little animation.
Anyway, thanks for your comment.

Im in love with the texturejob! and good modelling too…

Did you get the painting tecnique from a tut or figure it out yourself?

if its from a tut… hand it over! :slight_smile: