Ohjin's Sketchbook

I am another one who find it difficult to keep these sketchbooks going, but it is a great excuse to keep me learning.

Dyntopo right?
A very good start.
Teeth are too uniformed. Brake symmetry there.

Just a quick study of a male torso.

Here is a sculpt of Toby Jones, I love his quirky face.

First play with simple deform modifier, I like it :slight_smile:

Space Cacti :slight_smile:

Just a quick doodle.

Time Spent - 2 hrs


Playing around with Solid surface techniques trying to get a comfortable approach.

All started with a cube.

A quick sketch inspired from ‘Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud’ ‘The Incal’

A quick sketch in further study of face angles.

i really like the last two head sketches … nice improvement during the year … keep it up :slight_smile:

First attempt at texture painting inside Blender. Very fun, looking forward to doing more.

Looks clean. I use the simple deform for everything.

Getting more used to the Blender workflow. Onto the next sculpt.



Here is a high preist concept. Felt I was spending to long on it, and was lingering a bit. So decided to finish up and move onto my next project.

Re-opened at OP request

Ive been away a while, but got the itch again for some anatomy study, so thank you to the admin for re-opening my sketchbook. Cant believe it’s been so long.