OHX : real-time teaser Demo (see my girl)


OHX is my action-thriller game , want you see my Low-Polygon character

my girl made in 3dsMAX 7.0 Umm… 10 MB for download



***I want tutorial about Camera Control, Maybe look like Splinter Cell Style


wOW! Never nice indeed I am not too found of the hair, but over its a great model. I wonder why you post so little here.

yea, that model looks fantastic! :slight_smile:

how many polygons is it?

Damn , this model is great!I wish blender was fast enough to be able to use this much polygons for characters :frowning: .

The video was nice too.The dancing animations were pretty good,the lighting was nice,the camera had some cool effects and i like that you used Sillent Hill 2 music in it (thats one of my favourite SH2 music :slight_smile: ).

Good work!


I dont know how much polygons used in Blender Game Engine scene but my character use 3000 polygon.

Yeah i love Silent hill theme and I love The evil dead movie too , wanna make an EVIL like it.

In the screenshot you have Count Polygons… Its better to give the tris count it could well me a tell of a lot more then that, and looking at your hair… defintly seems like you got a nice 4-5k tris bedding there.

A fast blender scene is around 10k-30k tris depending on the g-card and textures.


Yesterday i reduced her Polygon to 3000 Tri , Umm i will use her in Playable demo next time.

the texture size is 512 X 512

Wow this model rocks!

Could i ask you a sugestion? Maybe her arms and shouder could be more thiner. Because it is a little strange considering your choice for the shirt. Also the colours in the shorts could have a highest contrast. For this demo you could make a static shadow it woud be awesome!. I prefer your “sunglasses” version for the face because her hair is more “cartoon” look. One wireframe shoot would be nice… I guess you spent to much in the hands comparing to other parts. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the nurse demo file at blender.org?

3000 polys is still a little high for a single character in GameBlender. Very nice model though. Are you using python to get a parent relationship between the hair and the head? I ask because there seems to be a delay in the parent relationship, and that spoils the effect a bit. :-?

She could do with a better looking hair texture as well. Why don’t you use a photograph like you did for the face? :slight_smile:

Keith. 8)


update : OHX_run.zip , the game is coming this winter (or summer ) :smiley:

http://www.nainoi.com/pongtorn/ : OHX site

or download direct link


Thankyou for your information.

her middle area looks kind of fat. if you wanted her hot she’d have small shoulders and an hourglass figure. here shes just like almost a pear shape

lose weight!


%| Well it all depends…

She is looking hot and normal. Maybe she is healthier than Lara Croft.

Btw if i have to choose i don’t want Lara Croft.

I prefer Angelina Jolie (she looks sooOOO real). 8)

She’s not really my type so I can’t comment, but it’s a very realistic model! :slight_smile:

Keith. 8)