Oi Doctor! We need some help with this GAME!

100% Pure home-grown PVP…No farming!
Cutthroat Politics…Kings, Council members, Guards. Assassinations!
Rigorous Strategy…Generals, Battle commanders, Squad Leaders!
Heart Throbbing Real Time Battles…Where’s the Point-and-click??
Rewarding Role Playing…OOC: Wait, It’s a real RPG?

2D Concept Art
Draw any combination of the following:
Characters*, Items, Buildings, Scenery, Art for the website, etc.

3D Modeling and Animation
Model/Animate any of the following:
Buildings, Characters*, Items, etc.

Perhaps even: unwrap UV textures for the texture artists, try out random new programs that may make modeling easier, do random cool stuff to show off!

Texture Art*
Map UV textures to art that you draw and color. Make the models look pretty enough to eat!

  • means we really need this position

How about this:
Personal achievement, practice, experience with a game dev team, fun, company, friends, resume-building experience, bragging rights.
(Sorry, volunteer work = no money)
Contact me, Karthik, via:
PM on this website
Email to [email protected]
Forum Staff Applications: http://dgxonline.net/takran

World Builder:


Concept Art:


Requested Info:
Modeling Formats: .3ds and .X. Majority of models are in .X format.

will it be win only? what programming language, what rendering system: directX or ogl?

Thanks for replying Fenix. I added in info regarding the technology under “Requested Info”. I didnt think modelers would be interested in such info but apparently some intrepid ones such as yourself are interested :slight_smile:

looks like you have a great start :slight_smile:

I did not know irrlicht could render long distances like that, I am going to go and look at the updates.I think it has been 2 years scince I have seen the specs.

What file format are you using from blender into irrlicht? .OBJ?

Good point Mmph!. I added it to the “Requested Info”.

It seems as though the blender community is not interested in yet another indie team trying to develop an RPG. I would like to emphasize that our team has been developing the game for a long time and that we are a very friendly and dedicated team. Members listed above have been in the team for atleast 1.5 years each. Development is also quite simple since we are all students and only work during vacation times.

Please consider joining us.

(P.S By any chance is this in the wrong forums? )

i think one of the biggest problems is the .3ds and .x file types, we aren’t very fond of em, allso notice that quite a few of us are linux and/or mac users, good though that you mentioned opengl, then the game might become to run on linux trough wine for an example.

now as far as helping goes, i wouldn’t mind joining(even though im on linux) but im all ready part of 2 different projects(one anim. another a game), so sorry, but i personally wont be joining…!

oh, and notice that we all have seen lots of MMO type games die before, so the fact that its an MMO makes things a bit harder too, but dont give up! if you manage to convince some people here(and thats not impossible) that you are serious enough, and that you wont fail(eg. give up on your project) you might yet recruit someone here! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments Felix. We had a bunch of responces about a year back…Jason H, VenomSevenX, Sutabi, and a few others from the blender forums joined us. We love this community so I always try to get some people from here.

Classified has been updated with more info. Also, if you head to our site: http://dgxonline.net/takran/site you can download a demo of the game (in the announcements).

ooh, nice update, i like it! :smiley: ill try to run your tech-demo on linux trough wine sometime when i actually get to download it! :slight_smile: if i do ill report to you my findings! :slight_smile:

You know it might be worthwhile for all of the would be MMO/Open game developers to set up a collaborative content creation for standard objects - everybody needs trees; buildings; animals; weapons; so all of the common stuff can be shared between - and one modeler/rigger/animator could produce content for all of the games at once instead of a single game that statistically speaking could just as likely have the project end in a couple of months or a year.


depends, if those objects would be place holders then sure, sounds good, but otherwise, games should after all be unique too(and not only by the gameplay)! :confused:

Also you could have a rule that say 10 (or whatever) completed models need to be contributed before a new team could download models from the repository - that way new MMO groups would need to contribute before getting a benefit of the work from those before them.


Yea, Letter, that’s a great idea. However, its the same deal when it comes to multuple teams trying to make mmorpgs though. If all the teams collaborated on one project then we could definately get something done…But nobody ever does :frowning:

I think MMORPGs are a good concept/game type, but I haven’t found one I can enjoy at all. It seems most of them are rather stupid or not my genre.

You see, I would like to see an MMORPG that takes place everywhere imaginable. And I mean Everywhere. In other words, one MASSIVE game that has people living on billions of planets, in millions of galaxies, and thousands of parallel Universes.

The only problem with that is that even if I gave one copy of the game to EVERY person on the planet, along with a capable computer with Internet access capable of such a massive data stream, I still wouldn’t have enough people playing to fill every planet, let alone every galaxy and every Universe.

So, for now, I still don’t see my type of game being created. And to me, this is going to be just like the other MMORPGs. No different.

Well traditionally an RPG is a role playing game where you take control of a hero that is trying to solve some epic quest. A game that spans an entire universe will not only take to long to make and develop but also not stick to the idea of an RPG. What you are looking for is like a second life online kind of deal…or so I think.

Not necessarily.

You see, with time travel, all the time travelling that will/has happen/happened, already has, so nothing changes. It is static. But between Universes, it doesn’t work this way. If you mess with another Universe, that Universe splits in two, one that is basically the unchanged original, and one that is a totally new Universe that has the change you made in it. But, if you block off this branching, and change a Universe, the Universe is destroyed. Imagine that the Hero of this story is the leader of, say… The Interdimentional Police. And he has to, say, stop the Daleks from Doctor Who from invading our own dimention, where Doctor Who is just a TV show, along with stopping various other changes.

So, in short, you have an infinite number of plots all happening at once, with trillions of people all intertwined. And, of course, the most important person in the world is an ordinary one. So, every player in the Game could potentially save their Universe, or many Universes at once. Or, people could choose to be the enemy.

Ryzom online… there ya go, quite close… :stuck_out_tongue:

No, not even close to what I imagine. Of course, what I imagine is literally impossible, and my above description still isn’t exactly it.

Anyways, sorry for hyjacking this thread. I just don’t like it when people say “New Original Game! Better than all the others in this genre!” when in reality it is just like them.

Heh, you are totally allowed to hijack this thread…doesnt look like any blender artists feel like joining us.

When you say that you think that every mmorpg out there is the same, you are true only to some extent. Most of the time, a new mmorpg will come out with 1 or 2 features that not many other games have out there. Take for instance Granado Espada. Uptil now, there have been very few games with multi-character control.

I apprecciate that they have tried to take away from the monotony of just farming with one character and instead they have given you a “family” to work with. This is a new concept for MMOs.

At Takran we think that going pure pvp and putting heavy emphasis on politics, economy, and strategy is a brand new concept (or just one that hasnt been done many times before) and so we are trying to make it happen.

But what you are talking about is not only a completely new genre, but also quite impossible (As you have stated). You raise your expectations too high :slight_smile: