Oicho – Blender on Stage (Animation)

Next weekend, Theater aHnungslos (Leipzig) will perform “Urfin und seine Holzsoldaten” (“Urfin and his wooden soldiers”).
On one Scene, Ellie and Friends meet a dragon. Actors and dragon will be on stage, at the same time.

This is the video, projected onto the stage.

There are some happy little accidents in the animation, but it will remain as-is.


Awesome work,

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Hi BuildJordon,
thank you for your appreciation.

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A phothgraph of the performance. Showing Uncle Charlie, Kagi-Karr, Lion … and Elli’s hand. :grin:
Animated speaking dragon projected to the background.

Photograph done by T. M. from audience

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This is very well-done. You gave the creature a “grand entrance.”

I’d like to see this in the Gallery because it’s a great demonstration of the use of Blender “in real life,” and it’s a fine animation for its intended purpose.

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Hi Sundialsvc4,
thank you for the comment.

It was fun, working on this.

Your Welcome,

The trailer for “Urfin und die Holzsoldaten”. Theater aHnungslos, Leipzig.

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