Oil lamps

<WeWa> http://www.angelfire.com/empire/wewa_juicyburger/images/Lamp.jpg

<<kaktuswasser> http://lysithea.sunn.de/oellampe.jpg

<Sutabi> http://www20.brinkster.com/sutabi/thingy30mins.jpg <–Copy and Paste

<tazytiggy> http://www.blenderstuff.dynu.com/images/lamp3.jpg

<hmetalcowgirl> http://www.blenderstuff.dynu.com/images/lamp.jpg

I say WeWa’s is the best! (but I’m not 1337 enough to vote for myself, that’s only for people who aren’t called WeWa…)


wewa pic is on angel fire and…I can’t see it even if I copy/paste/drag and rewrite the address in my bar…

so I voted for sutabi…Good work SUTABI

I thought I would post the finished pic, the other is still my entry for the contest, but I would like to show a better picture.