Oil Rig Continued

I finished the modelling for this rig few months ago, even posted a wip for it. I would however, like to start from scratch and put it into a reasonable environment. Would like to add some ships and mountains possibly.

Anyway, i’ll see how it go’s.



Wow, you’ve got to bring the camera in some, looks like some awesome detail there!

Thats incredible!
How long did it take?

It looks nicely detailed. Slap some textures and stuff on it… oh and environment… Might turn out nice… This piece reminded me of my own piece (below):

I suppose you are going to make environment and texturing for it?

Very weel detailed model!! My only crit is the leg in the right side seems to need a set smooth. Keep the very good work dude!!

Very nice! Can you show some close up shots of this please? Great modeling!