Oil rig in deep ocean

I am working on an oil rig, but i’m unsure how detailed it should be. I’m greatful for any help.

The waves are generated using ocean spectra. The picture is 225x225 meters, with a max waveheight of about 5 meters.


why not render it instead of taking a screen shot? it will look a lot better, specially if you added some AO to the render to make it stand out a bit while its still in WIP

I was a commercial diver for 7 years and i lived on those things for to many months… If your going for life like then here are my suggestions. (this is not artistic, but mearly physical)

  • the legs of the rig are square and typically round. (or they look square)

  • the lower deck contains the well heads and pipping. the rig will need more pipping going from the lower deck to the upper deck.

  • being a rig it would have center cason’s (or 36 inch pipe going into the ocean from the center of the rig), anywhere from 1 to 24. these “cason’s” go deep into the ocean the ocean floor where the oil is (10,000 ft or more into the earth).

  • if this only a drilling rig, then the texas deck is off centered. you have a tower virtical in one corner, if this is a texas deck. a texas deck is where they load the drill pipe to start drilling. if this is not a drilling rig and only a rig it would not have a texas deck and typically not a large tower.

  • you did great on the flare (the smoke stack) that burns off the H2S gass produced from the oil. keep it up…

here is a website that a buddy of mine made for offshore divers in the gulf of mexico…


you should see quite a bit of reference material there…

i am not even to the of building something that in blender so my critics are only physical …

Thanks for the feedback. I only have one photo for reference, so a lot of it will be improvised. There is still a lot of junc that is going to fill the rig, plus other details.
The legs are only temporary.


it is looking great so far… check out that web page i listed for tons of images… old and new…

Thanks. Those pictures will come in handy.