Oil Rig

Hi guys.
Finished modelling an oil rig. Will be adding a ship or two and rock cliffs soon.
Any help/ideas especially with lighting and compositing would be more then helpful.

That’s a really nice model.

The textures look too clean though, I’d expect it to show signs of being at sea for some time, rust stains, etc. especially around the legs which wouldn’t be getting a lot of maintenance.

Thnx blendhead.
Although i haven’t started textures yet. I like to try and get lighting down first before i start them but yes, i will be adding rust etc.

Nice modelling! No crits, except for the textures, which i’m sure your working on.

I hate texturing though. Probably because im weak at it. Got about 3/4 of the way using mostly image textures with some normal and spec maps only to realise it looked crap. Im going to start from scratch only this time will try and paint all textures in photoshop using a set color scheme.

Very nice modeling! I’d work on the water as well as textures, because the water makes it seem like a toy model imo. :wink:

Great level of detail! Awesome work!