I am having trouble making it look right. What things can I do to make it look better…I would like to blend between the sandy ground and the crops. However, I am not sure how to do that in blender. (Texture painting?). I would also like to add rust to the metal. My issue is I have little experience with texture painting, does anyone have any tips for that? Also does anyone have any further suggestions for making the scene better. The sky almost looks too blank.

firstly, metal is ussually almost completely reflective, so maybe add some reflection maps (or even dare turn on reflections :stuck_out_tongue: )

secondly, uv mapping would be a better solution for the rust, using rust textures from cgtextures.
for the crops maybe try weight painting to reduce the amount of crops as they get closer to the rig (desnsity).

Metal is only completely reflective if it is polished really well. There is no oil rig in the world that is made of completely polished metal, and the rough surface of the metal gives a diffuse reflection.

Use image maps and alphas for the rust and place accordingly in a UV map, you could also use procedural textures as well in a nodal setup. I haven’t done textures or placement of objects by weight maps in Blender yet, but that is one way that you can blend textures, but a simple gradient (ramp) may work as well.

try to google search oil pumpers. tons of examples and colors also. work from a picture to get basic shapes , colors and lighting.