Ok all you Dreamation members and Junior members!

(hiachi) #1

Go to http://dreamation.suddenlaunch.com/ and SD will be posting his story, and we artists will be able to begin the art!

(hiachi) #2

this doesnt seem right, i see this topic has 50 views but no replies and no one joined the message board…

(Pooba) #3

I’m not a member, but maybe you should try e-mailing all the people.


(hiachi) #4

not that thats not a good idea, but if this topic has 68 views now, some of the people that viewed it must have been members…?

I mailed all the people who seemed interested in joining…now time to wait

Boku wa anata e matsu…

(hiachi) #5

im beginning to feel like no one cares about my posts for some reason…is it cause of the name…too small?..dont like japanese names?..i dont know but im just not understanding why people are ignoring me…im serious… :-?

(saluk) #6

I really doubt it has anything to do with your name or your personality, and more to do with the post. It looks like all of your dreamation members either quit or are too busy right now, and since the post is aimed at Dreammation members, people who aren’t in the project don’t feel obligated to reply at all.

I think it looks like it could turn out to be a pretty good game, if the people working on it would get on it, but I don’t know. Running a project like this is hard you know! And you never know who will actually stick with it or who will say, “I’ll help” and then never really do anything.

(ineedanewbi) #7

i would have helped earlier… and i still might

but now i have to go back to school and i have less time to work on blender games… kind of a disapointment

y can u setup a new Forum topic here at elysiun instead of ur own

there will be no adds and no one has to re-register (very annoying)

has SD made his “concept drawings” since he says hes a good artist?
cuz that needs to be done so we can see how the models will look and textures that will be needed

c ya later

(joecool) #8

no, I don’t think it’s because no one dislikes you, it’s just the topic. You probably never read all the previous posts about making team games. geez, it seemed like there was a major influx of “Lets make a professional game” , “Lets see what Blender CAN REALLY do” " I always wanted to make a professional game, want to help" “Major game project! Huge game”
ad infinitum
none of those posts got very much attention. a few did, but there is no work on any of them.

(Abracsis) #9

so true. All a project needs in the person who organises the rest of the people to be able to give any member a job at any point, and know how the game pieces together. No one gets paid for these games, they are for fun, and patience runs out without results. A good idea would have been to make the web site, have a few concepts. then ask people to join.


(hiachi) #10

well please anyone who is available check out the site, then see if you are interested in joining (that is directed to everyone, not just old members)