Ok, another round of "help me"

I have a project, differed or no payment(open source) I am not sure and the teams input will decide on how we want to go with it,
I have currently,

1 AI movement and animation controller, easily programmed to run walk cycles and possibly torque based skeletal animation, and transformation based armatures easily,

1 player movement and animation controller,

a story,

a world,

a few of the characters,

game play ideas,

workflow ideas,

I need some people our else this is going to come out as just mine :frowning:

Help me, help you, so we can help everyone,

I need, a low poly detail oriented mechanical modeler, and a armature based organics modeler,
I am a coder/modeler/engineer and
is a coder who is busy but should get rolling on some python sometime after the holidays,

I need a TEXTURE SPECIALIST UV and normal mapper, possibly clay/kinect later as well
I need a level builder later on, but I will post again for that,

I have several smaller irons in the fire, but am currently very active in coding, animating and developing
so that is starting to fall off,

if you can’t seem to find a helper, you can create one…if you show me the resource to learn from,i would be glad to study it and then help you out

these are samples of my current state

Yar, :slight_smile:
what do you need? I have a AI here to study / learn to magically animate with :slight_smile:

this should help, but anything else you need, ask, and If I don’t know, chances are I can find out :slight_smile:

friend me :slight_smile:


LikeClockwork.blend (445 KB)

that’s too fast, i still need an intro to game logic/python scripting preferably in written format

Ok so, this does the following

every X ticks it checks to see if Count is 0,
if Count is 1-6 ---- and add 1 to Count and do motion
if Count = 6 Count is 0

So it animates the motion, broken into sub steps, and also can be used to control the animations applied to a model that is parented to it, so it can play a walk cycle,

I’ll give you something more basic :slight_smile:


RigidDemo.blend (948 KB)

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

alright, as i try to absorb this stuffs, imho we should start with the artwork/story plot and you should also make the roadmap/what to do list for this project

I have that already silly, I was trying to bring you up to where you can help :slight_smile:

can you design me some low poly objects? Fusion Power Cell, one side has to be a 2x2 that is the output end, that will have the collider for powering up plugs and things it touches, and it has to look ok in the game engine, start there and I will keep you busy :slight_smile:

i will quit for now, i will reenter your project in a week or two, that is unless you fire me :wink: so until next time