Ok, how do I make fog around objects and such?

(WDude) #1

I mean, how would I design fog with custom shapes, (like a fog spelling out “Hello world!”) colors, and opacity level of the fog? If I do create colored fogs, will the objects reflecting light through the colored fogs leave some coloring to the objects from the colored fogs? I’m sure with that in mind, it will make it look more realistic.

I’m guessing this involves millions of particles on the screen, but that sounds way too complex and time consuming, but any ideas about this would be greatly appreciated…

(DAK) #2

You will have to master particles. Blender’s background features are very cheasy effects with not much control.

(hweihe) #3

Maybe you could experiment with halo materials. If you duplicate an object, subdivide one of them and give it a halo-material, you get some kind of “aura” arount the original object. Of course this does not effect the color of lights, there you’ll have to cheat.

With text-objects it is not so easy, because they do have vertices. Anyone knows how to convert texts to meshes in Blender??

(Jolly Gnome) #4

Alt-C, this works with subsurfs, curves, etc. also

(hweihe) #5

Oh, great! Thanks!